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Fiercest Rivalries In The World Of Football

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Football the beautiful game, can sometimes become a matter of life and death for some clubs amd its supporters. Cultural, as well as regional differences contribute to the fierceness of these clashes and performances of players in such matches decide whether they will be eternally loved or hated. A mistake or a moment of magic can create history, but can also result in mayhem, brawls, fights, clashes & riots. These are the 10 most fierce and important rivalries in the world of football.

Corinthians vs Palmeiras

Derby Paulista is the name that is known among the traditional São Paulo soccer clubs, Sport Club Corinthians Paulista and Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras. It is the rivalry between two football clubs still present in the oldest city of São Paulo. The Paulista Derby is among the 10 greatest classic rivalries of the world. Corinthians and Palmeiras have already decided state championships (Campeonato Paulista), regional trophy (Torneio Rio-São Paulo), national championship (Campeonato Brasileiro) and wave to the end of continental club competition (Libertadores Cup of America). No other classic rivalry has decided so many major championships.
The biggest rivalry in the Brazilian state of São Paulo, SE Palmeiras and Corinthians have always come under a lot of attention when come across each other. There have been books written and films documented about this rivalry, including a very famous version of Romeo and Juliet in which Palmeiras and Corinthians take the place of the Montagues and Capulets.

Nacional vs Penarol

One of football’s classic derbies, since the 19th century, the Uruguayan Clásico is the confrontation between the two greatest teams of Montevideo: Nacional and Peñarol. Both teams have played a big part in developing South American football, and are respected in the America and worldwide, despite their recent lack of international success and not qualifying in the champion’s league. Together they make up 8 Copa Libertadores and 6 Intercontinental Cups.
This rivalry has seen it all. During a 0-0 draw on 14 April, 1990, which saw 22 red cards, being dealt to 11 players from each side, (Nacional-9 field players and 2 bench players). The match ended at the 85th minute on the rule of having less than 7 players in a team. Then the 1-1 draw match of 26 November, 2000, ended in chaos with several fists, heavy punches and kung fu kicks, in which 9 players were arrested and spend almost a month in jail, along with one of the managers. There was soon much violence that two Clasicos were played overseas, the first match was in La Plata (Argentina) in 1960, the other one in La Coruña (Spain) in 2005, due to the risk of local crowd interference.

Fenerbahce vs Galatasaray

Fenerbahçe SK versus Galatasaray SK is the Turkish football rivalry involving two of the most successful clubs in the Süper Lig. It is also a local derby which makes it fiercer. The rivalry is more than a century in existence, and has...

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