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Fiery Sorcerer Essay

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Akhilan Ganesh

The Ruins of the Great Forest:
Fiery Sorcerer

“Go, Mark. Just go! We’ll be fine!” These were the last words Colestia Ceepotula told her son before she and her husband Ramos were killed. Now Mark Ceepotula slowly discovers more about his parents. Long gone were the days when the whole family could sit back and relax. It was 5 years since this incident. Now he is 12 years old. The story goes something like this:
The Spirit Stone (Ch.1)

“Ka-ring! Ka-ring!” That… was my alarm clock. It brought back memories of the good times. I remember how it played a “Ho, ho, ho!” when my friends and I were playing video games. Man, was I embarrassed. Too bad my parents died. I ...view middle of the document...

However, the citizens left because none of them liked the sudden change in their way of life. They made homes far away. Our home was now a horrid memory. I tried to keep it away in the depths of my heart, hoping to never learn anything about the dreaded incident at all. What I didn’t know, was that I would have to relive my past and accept my memory once and for all.

* * *

I changed from my pajamas. I walked slowly down the ladder, and dropped half-way down. I gently walked on the fresh grass. I could smell the scent of the dew that resulted from last night’s rain. I planned to meet Avianna that day. She was my older sister. Avianna lived in a tree hollow, in the center of the forest. It used to be the city hall tree. After the incident of the Great Forest, it grew to be as if it was a thousand years old. Weird, huh? But I got used to the whole incident of the Great Forest. I walked around. Was it this way, or that way? I kept forgetting. I looked toward the mark on a tree. It pinpointed the direction of my sister’s tree hollow. I put it there to help remind me of where to go. I strode through. I had to show her the stone I discovered the day before. I found myself in the Forgotten Road.
My sister and I named it that because it is the road where… my parents died. It was a long and straight road, or at least used to be.
I strained to point my eyes in the other direction - the direction I wanted to go. I tried to run away from the memory, as if trying to leave my whole past behind.
I ran out of the Forgotten Road and entered Grove Plaza. Grove Plaza was a circular road with a fountain in the exact center. Several abandoned houses and buildings surrounded it like a membrane and moss grew off the very tips of everything it could reach with its mighty grasp.
There, a tall, old townhouse stood. That’s where my friends lived. A voice boomed out a window. “Mark, is that you?” I covered my ears. Man, did she have a voice.
Mayla was a friend to me ever since she saved my life when I was in my treehouse, when the Great Forest was growing. She usually was sarcastic, for her family was a lie to her. They gave her up. Mayla was ferocious at first. They were her parents! Who would do that?
“Of course, it it is me, Mayla. Who else could it be?” I could hear her running down the stairs inside. Finally, the door opened.
Mayla walked out sleepily. In a sarcastic tone, she said, “I know what you’re going to say. You found a mysterious stone, didn’t you?”
“Actually, I did.” I said, “And where is Endo and Elfo?”
Endo and Elfo were friends of mine. They were both eight years old. They spoke simultaneously. I usually played games with them to entertain them.
“Oh. Well? What does it look like?” Mayla said, surprised. My hand jumped into my pocket and took out the stone. “Is that... a spirit stone? Where did you get it?” Mayla asked, now fully shocked. I looked down at the stone. It had a unworldly design on it.
It felt smooth, but very heavy for a small...

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