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Fiesta Jarabe Friend Or Foe? An Essay On The Sculpture By Luis Jimenez

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The sculpture is “Fiesa” – “Jarabe” by Luis Jimenez. It is a fiberglass cast, number 4 of 5 total, begun in 1991 and completed in 1996. It is a ten-foot tall polychrome statue with its colors expressed mainly in bright fuchsias, pinks, and blues. It conveys a traditional Mexican hat dance whose participants are a man and a woman.Several components of the statue help to prove that the artist’s intention was to stir up the conventional and mostly false views of a harmonious Southwestern historic as well as present time period. The components that aid in this goal are the absence of traditional fine art techniques, the statue’s location, and some “mistakes” in the work that are actually intentional. It is the combination of these artistic devices that helps the artist use this particular work to aid in the banishment of the idyllic myths of a harmonious Southwest.Fine art is a term that usually indicates a traditional perspective on the art forms and often implies an association with classic or academic art. In sculpture, especially when referring to the human figure, the forms of fine art tend to be more gracile, or delicate, in nature. The bodies would be portrayed in correct proportion with leanings toward what is generally accepted as classic beauty. Classic beauty implies balance of features and, generally, fair skin. When you think of traditional fine art sculptures you think of something along the lines of the Venus De Milo. This is a statue that complies with our traditional beliefs of what is generally considered to be fine art.None of Luis Jimenez’ works follow these conventional rules. The “Fiesta Jarabe” is no exception. The artist plays with the conventional rules and uses the breaking of them to convey certain points and personal beliefs. He uses the technique of defiance to relay his message.First of all, the figures are nothing near the accepted standards of American beauty. The skin is dark. The height of the figures is exaggerated. And the height isn’t the only thing that is exaggerated. The hands and feet are completely out of proportion with the rest of the body on both the male and female forms. This is something that is somewhat of a trademark of all of Jimenez’ work. The hands and feet are not only very oversized, but gnarled. Some might even call the hands monstrous because of the boniness and size of the knuckles and fingers. The feet aren’t quite as obvious in this sculpture because they are encased...

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