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Fifa Corruption Essay

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Fifa has made £1,200,000,000 per year from sponsors, television and the World Cup. Fifa’s latest financial amount over the four years to the end of 2010 show the organisation has earned more than four billion. That's an increase of fifty-nine percent over the previous four year stretch which included the World Cup in Germany (BBC, pars. 1). Its broadcast rights and marketing which are leading the boom of course, and Fifa is riding the wave that's thrown the Premier League skywards too (BBC, pars. 2). Fifa has banked $631m to its reserves, which now stand at $1.2 billion (BBC, pars. 3). Fifa says of the money it raised, seventy percent was ploughed back into the game by staging tournaments and investing in projects. Fifa put $794m into football development, including its 'Goal' and 'Win in Africa' projects (BBC, pars. 4). More than $350m has been handed out to the member FAs, under what's called the Financial Assistance Programme (BBC, pars. 5)

FIFA was first created in the year 1904 and since then they have a long history about how soccer became a worldwide sport. The history of FIFA begins after an international soccer match played between France and Belgium, taking place in Brussels, Belgium on 1 May, 1904. The French and Belgium soccer players decided that it would be a good idea to create a soccer association to make rules of soccer.So they created the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) which is now one of the most famous football associations in the world. FIFA was founded in the rear of the headquarters of the Union Française de Sports Athlétiques at the Rue Saint Honoré 229 in Paris on 21 May 1904(CFH, pars. 1).

The Fédération Internationale de Football Association(FIFA) was named by the French during the early years but as time passed the English changed the name to International Federation of Association Soccer, abbreviating it to FIFA (FIFA, pars. 1). Soon, after the creation of FIFA, they held the first FIFA congress on the 22nd of May, 1904, which had a team of representatives who signed the foundation act of FIFA document. The teams who signed the document are as the following: Union des Sociétés Françaises de Sports Athlétiques (USFSA), Union Belge des Sociétés de Sports (UBSSA), Dansk Boldspil Union (DBU), Nederlandsche Voetbal Bond (NVB), Madrid Football Club Svenska Bollspells Förbundet (SBF), Association Suisse de Football (ASF) (CFH, pars. 1).

Guerin was actively involved in football through his role as secretary of the Football Department of the Union des Societes Françaises de Sports Athletiques. He brought together representatives of the first seven member countries in Paris for the signing of FIFA's foundation act and agreement of the first FIFA statutes. On 22 May 1904, Guerin then just 28 was elected president at the first FIFA Congress and remained in his post for two years, during which time another eight associations came on board, including the English Football Association (AFO, pars....

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