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Fifth Buisness Essay

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Twice-born is the idea of a person changing into someone new or to develop further into who they should be. An easy way to change the character is by changing the character’s name. A name can resemble so much of who the character is. In the novel, Fifth Business written by Robertson Davies, there are three characters who are considered to be twice-born. These characters move from their small hometown of Deptford into bigger places in the world. The change of setting shows their growth and development. These characters are Paul Dempster, Percy Staunton, and Dunstan Ramsay.

Dunstable Ramsay has a significant meaning to his name because he is named after his mother’s maiden name. This ...view middle of the document...

Percy is used to being pulled out of his troubles with either money or just because of their high class status in Deptford. He tries to always be above another child. When they went sledding, Percy believes his sled is better purely because it is worth more even though Dunstable’s sled went faster. Percy had gotten angry because what he has is not above the other characters.

Paul Dempster signifies his name because Paul means small. Paul was born too early because of the snowball accident which put him behind most kids. Paul has a hard time in Deptford because of his family. He gets teased by all the children and parents. Paul has to live with the guilt that is placed on him by his father for driving his mother insane. In Deptford, he never gets accepted by the society and his only friend is Dunstable. Dunstable teaches him magic in the library which Paul is able to pick up very fast. Magic is not allowed in his religion which causes Paul to be punished by his father. Paul gets ostracized by Deptford because the actions of his mother and later gets secluded into a small cabin with his mother. In the cabin, he is completely alone with his mother because his father becomes very different from the setbacks of the community. Paul has a very horrible childhood in which he does not get to choose his lifestyle.

Dunstable Ramsay becomes twice-born by a girl named Diana. He meets Diana when he is being treated after the war. She gives him the new name of Dunstan. The name resembles St. Dunstan a saint who resists temptation and was mad about learning. The new name offers a new change of a change in personality. After being twice-born, Dunstan just continues to grow into a bigger version of himself as a child. He continues to hold on guilt as if he is to blame for everything. He shows this by continuing to take care of Mary even after he moves away from Deptford. He starts a study of Saints that become an obsessed hobby for him. He travels the world to find the saints and even considers Mary to be one. The study of saints started when he was Dunstable. Dunstan is trying to fight the person he was in Deptford but only at the end when he meets his “devil” does he accomplish that.

Percy Staunton becomes twice-born by choosing it himself. After the war, Percy decides to take on a new persona and leave his small...

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