Fifth Generation Of Native People Fallout

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Generations of native people in Canada have faced suffering and cultural loss as a result of European colonization of their land. Government legislation has impacted the lives of five generations of First Nations people and as a result the fifth generation (from 1980 to present) is working to recover from their crippled cultural identity (Deiter-McArthur 379-380). This current generation is living with the fallout of previous government policies and societal prejudices that linger from four generations previous. Unrepentant, Canada’s ‘Genocide’, and Saskatchewan’s Indian People – Five Generations highlight issues that negatively influence First Nations people. The fifth generation of native people struggle against tremendous adversity in regard to assimilation, integration, separation, and recovering their cultural identity with inadequate assistance from our great nation.
The current generation of native people in Canada are greatly impacted by efforts made by the Canadian government that forced previous generations to assimilate and give up their culture. Most of the fifth generation of native people are not directly impacted by the atrocities that forced their people to give up their culture for the benefit of others; however, their diminished cultural identity is a result of it. Parents who are raising the fifth generation have difficulty passing on their Indian identity to their children (Deiter-McArthur 381). The parents and grandparents of the fifth generation were raised in the residential school system, where they were stopped from showing affection or love for one another even if it was their own brother or sister. This results in a lack of ability for some of them to show love toward their children (Maniitok). Another example of children being halted from sharing their pride of culture occurred when a child returned to residential school after a summer at home. His father taught him how to carve and speak his native language. The boy came back to school, and after sharing what he learned with fellow students, the teacher drove a pencil through his hand as punishment for expressing his culture (Maniitok). This is an extreme, though not uncommon, method that forced generations of natives to be shameful and stop sharing their culture. These are all efforts that were made to stop natives from sharing their culture and showing pride. They were forced to give up aspects of their culture and dismiss “their language, feelings, and individualism” to conform to their oppressors (Deiter-McArthur 380).
While integration of culture may do more than assimilation to promote understanding of cultures, efforts in Canada to integrate native culture have not always been successful. In Unrepentant, Rev. Annett attempts to encourage native people in his community to join his congregation. He promotes open discussion of experiences of his congregation. When issues are raised about abuse at the residential school in Port Alberni, some of the other members...

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