Fifty Shades Of Grey: Marketing Genius

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The market says that sex sells, and looking at the success of Fifty Shades Of Grey it's hard to argue. E.L James sold 25 million copies in four months; compare this to Larssen's Millennium series taking four years to reach this mark. Everyone enjoys sex; although we are creatures of habit we are also creatures of chaos. Fifty Shades of Grey appeals to the piece of us that craves variety and madness. Every woman’s magazine runs articles on how to improve or spice up ones sex life. Fifty Shades Of Grey not only tells of exciting sexual experiences, but also goes into so much detail that the consumer is able to easily replicate the acts performed. Another factor contributing to the success of the novel is its origins. E.L James wrote the story as a fiction based on the Twilight series. It was uploaded on This meant that before its release, the novel already had a large fan-base. All these factors helped contribute to the massive success of the novel and helped it's marketing campaign spread.
Fifty Shades of Grey reinvented the public perception of BDSM, and addressed the “grey area” of sexual fetishes. When the topic of BDSM surfaces, generally horrific images of medieval dungeons, sadistic devices, and pain overwhelm ones mind. The author discredited the original social stigmas by exposing the reality of the lifestyle in an essence of elegance, romance, and control. The novel humanized the BDSM lifestyle by pulling the emotional strings that fabricate our lives. But what if I told you this top selling erotic novel wasn’t so erotic? The market reiterates that sex sells, but in reality it’s the fantasy that sells. The consumers of Fifty Shades of Grey are normal women interested in the fantasies that the novel creates. Authors create fantasies for readers and allow them to lose themselves in the stories created. E.L. James exposed the undisclosed desires that frequent the subconscious of consumers at large. What sets Fifty Shades Of Grey apart from all other novels is that not only can you read about the fantasies, but the consumer can also live them out. However despite the proposal, the relationship between an author and reader is one of the strongest bonds one can build. By eradicating the misconceptions of BDSM culture, the novel normalized a lifestyle that most consumers secretly want to live. Who wouldn't want to enjoy the sex life of Anna Steele and Christian Grey? The author slowly introduces the BDSM lifestyle to the consumer and begins to mix it with a more normal sex life throughout the series. This helps the consumer to relate and also to see that the fantasies created in the novel can be experienced by any relationship.
The novel targeted its niche in the market to females anywhere between college students to middle-aged mothers. Fifth Shades of Grey displayed a tasteful perception of BDSM, excluding the extremist qualities that dominated the public perception prior to the novel. The book created a middle...

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