Fight Club: A Better Movie Than Pulp Fiction

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Mike BrennanPer. 1 English05 / 19 / 2005Debate CompositionIs Fight Club a Better Movie than Pulp Fiction?PROThere are many ways to declare one thing better than another. Be it through the message sent, the money made, or the critic's reviews, we have made that distinction between the two movies, Pulp Fiction, and Fight Club. Fight Club comes out as the overall winner in many categories that we use to define greatness. My intent was to prove this through a multitude of arguments, primarily through the themes, issues, stimulation, and quality of acting in both movies.Fight Club contains better themes than Pulp Fiction. For example, with the theme of honor. It is not so much on the surface as it is a theme you discover as the story moves along. This is much more complex than the themes of Pulp Fiction, which are visible for the most part. The same can be said of the theme of freedom. The plot gets you thinking one way, and by the end after all the twists and turns, you realize that the story was a lot deeper than you expected. Once again this trumps the plot and theme of Pulp Fiction, where a story is laid out for you and the themes are not hidden whatsoever. While the themes are more complex, Fight Club also finds a way to integrate more common issues and situations as well.In Fight Club, the common man is used as the main character. One way he is shown to be Joe Everyman, so to speak, is through his anonymity. The fact that he is kept anonymous (named only Narrator) proves the point of the story that this could be any one of us; that a rebellion against Corporate America can be started by an average person. Pulp Fiction, on the other hand, deals with issues that basically only gangsters face, as you follow Jules and Vincent primarily through their one day adventure of murder and cover-ups. Basically every person can relate to the pressures of living under a nation run by Big Business, whereas the gang mentality can not be associated with the majority of us. In the transition from common man to rebellion leader, Edward Norton shows great versatility in his acting as well.The quality of acting is much greater and the roles are harder to take on in Fight Club than in Pulp Fiction. Edward Norton, for example, takes on the role of a man who is, literally, divided against himself. He begins the...

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