Fight Club: The Repression Of Masculinity And Its Effects On Society.

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The movie Fight Club is a story of one man's struggle to gain control over his life. His masculinity has become so repressed by his upbringing and society that the only way he can do this is to create an alternate personality. The Narrator's alternate personality is Tyler Durden, the ultimate alpha-male. The Narrator is also interested in Marla Singer, who is going through the same type of struggle that he is except she has more confidence then he does and is a stronger character. The film is of the Narrator's attempt to find that masculine side he has lost and reclaim it into him."And suddenly I realize that all of this the guns, the bombs, the revolution, has something to do with a girl named Marla Singer." - Narrator. Marla Singer is the main female character is this film. She is his match. She reflects the Narrator. They are both people who are on the edge. They are disillusioned with their lives and are looking for an escape. Yet, she seems to be ok with that. This is the main reason why the Narrator cannot feel comfortable with her.When the Narrator first meets Marla, he is at one of his support groups. He goes to them because he cannot feel anything, he is devoid of emotion. He gets a release from these groups that he cannot get in real life. It is not based on his own feelings, but on the feelings he gets from the people around him. This is why when Marla starts joining the groups he can no longer feel. "Her lie reflected my lie and suddenly I couldn't sleep," the narrator concludes. He confronts Marla with the problem. In the confrontation he realizes that Marla is stronger than him. He has it all planned out, he is going to tell her off, and she just takes it. The actual situation is far from this vision. She calls him on what he is doing. She walks away while he is still speaking. She completely dominates him in the scene. The scene ends when she asks him what his name is. He gives no definitive response. The Narrator alone is too weak for Marla, he would be walked on by her.Tyler Durden, on the other hand is not weak, he is the ultimate example of masculinity. Thus, Tyler is brought out of the Narrator's subconscious. He is "smart, capable and free in all the ways" the Narrator is not.The costuming of Tyler is very feminine, he wears sheer clothing, half shirts, and his pants hang below his hips. Yet, the amount of masculinity that he exudes makes the clothing seem completely reasonable on him. When the Narrator meets Tyler on the plane, he is in awe of him. From their first meeting it is clear that Tyler is the "man" the Narrator wishes he could be.The Narrator finds his apartment blown up shortly after meeting Tyler. His first instinct is to call Marla. He calls, but when she answers, he hangs up. He just can not bring himself to ask her for help, so he calls Tyler instead. Even though Tyler is a much stronger person than Marla is he can ask him for help because he is not attracted to him and therefore not vulnerable. The...

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