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Throughout Chuck Palahniuk’s life there has been violence that has surrounded him. Some of the events had happened outside of his world, the time period that was going on such as the Reagan Era, Cold War, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and so much more events. Then in the inside of his life there were tragic deaths that happened throughout his life, However at the same time some of the violent, fierce events that had occurred actually made him closer with people. The events that had throughout Chuck Palahniuk’s life helped him write his novel Fight Club and place the theme of violence throughout his novel.
Chuck Palahniuk was born during the Cold War. The Berlin wall was up and the economy in United States of America was down. After 19 years later since Chuck Palahniuk’s birth Ronald Reagan became president, where thing started to turn around. However till Reagan became president, everything was corrupt. People had no jobs and they had to pay high taxes; people felt like they were being ignored by the government. Similar to Fight Club, Tyler Durden feels like he has to make his own world. Also make the economy would halt if they were to suddenly disappear as a service class. Tyler Durden even mentioned many times in the book that the world runs on the backs of these men and others like them. He wants to fight back society; just like many people when the economy had crashed they felt like they had to take matters in their own hands.
At the same time the Civil Right Movements were going on. African Americans wanted their rights and there movements turned violent. Then their leader Martin Luther King Junior got assassinated and so did the President John F. Kennedy. There was a lot of violence during Chuck Palahniuk’s childhood. The events that was outside world had affected him and made his character in Fight Club fight for what he wants.
While chaos was going on there was also exciting events going on like Mohammad Ali. Everyone loved watching boxing; it was something fun for the men just like in Fight Club. Chuck Palahniuk even stated in his interview with David Sheff that he created fight club because men do not talk their feelings like women do. Men are more physical than women. He says that violence brings people together or could separate people.
Unfortunately, violence in Chuck Palahniuk’s life separated many of his loved ones away from him. Palahniuk never met his father’s parents because when Palahniuk’s father was three his father kill his mother over a sewing machine. His father started to look for Palahniuk’s father who hid under the bed, but could not find him. Since he could not find him, he killed himself. Palahniuk was told this story about the age of 18. Then Palahniuk’s father and his father’s girlfriend were murdered. They were both shot first and then the gunman put the building on fire. After a few years later Palahniuk’s friend died from a disease where he met at a place he volunteered at. Also, his mother died from a...


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