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Fight, Flight, Or Feel? Essay

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To reach a difficult goal, it is necessary to face many arduous obstacles. An example of one of these obstacles would be to make the right decision. Making that decision, however, becomes much more difficult when one’s characteristics get in the way. In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the protagonist’s Romantic characteristics of overthinking without acting, overpowering emotions, and isolation cloud his sense of judgement, bringing about his downfall.
To begin, Hamlet’s pensiveness leads him onto the path of his own demise. Hamlet always spends his time thinking; whether it be about his father’s untimely death, his mother’s incestuous marriage, or the revenge he plans for Claudius. However, this creates a fatal problem for him. When presented with the perfect opportunity for revenge, Hamlet begins overthinking, causing him to lose the opportunity for his vengeance. At first, he is sure that “now [he’ll] do’t”, but he then begins to think, and realizes that “this is hire and salary, not revenge” (3, 3, 74) (3, 3, 79). Because of his hesitation, he lets Claudius go, not knowing that “[Claudius’s] words fly up, [his] thoughts remain below./ Words without thoughts never to heaven go.” (3, 3, 97-98). Claudius was never truly praying, since he prayed without the intention to repent for his sins. If Hamlet were to follow his instincts and commit murder, he could have avenged his father, and prolonged his death at the same time. All things considered, this scene evidently shows that Hamlet’s constant thinking and tendency to hesitate distracts him from his revenge, thus causing his early death.
Next, Hamlet’s overwhelming emotional side is another Romantic characteristic that brings about his downfall. After his father’s death, Hamlet loses interest in the things that he once enjoyed, and becomes sensitive and moody. As a result, he acts on emotion rather than logic, causing him to make rash decisions and say unnecessary things. For example, Hamlet’s uncontrolled feelings cause him to reveal to Ophelia that “[they] will have no more marriages. Those that are married/ already, all but one shall live”, insinuating that the one person who shall die is Claudius (3, 1, 141-142). Unfortunately, Claudius is eavesdropping, and carries suspicions that Hamlet may attempt to murder him. Now that his suspicions are confirmed, Claudius is able to create a scheme to eradicate Hamlet. If Hamlet were to separate his feelings from his decision making, he would have been able to enact his plan without Claudius knowing, thus avoiding his grim future. In addition, when Hamlet’s mother, Gertrude, is upset with Hamlet’s murder of Polonius, she laments, “Oh what a rash and bloody deed is this!” (3, 4, 27). Without thinking, Hamlet quickly retorts, “A bloody deed? Almost as bad, good mother,/ As...

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