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Fight For A New Tomorrow Essay

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Violence is a natural part of every living creatures existence. We, as humans, are constantly put into situations where we have to decipher it as a negative, or a positive. Whether or not we choose a more harmful means of defense depends on if the circumstance was that of negative or positive origin. The way we go about choosing our defense mechanisms entirely depends on the circumstance that provided it. But more likely than not the people leading us, and a great deal of the residents of our nation, do not choose the more gracious high road. With this choice we are faced with grief and anguish everyday of our lives. Families lose loved ones every minute in the senseless act of violent war and rage. We, as a nation, can attempt to put an end to this madness if we come together and unite. With the help of many groups and organizations like that of Code Pink throughout the United States, we are slowly becoming a more knit nation. Code Pink’s mission and movement for a violence free world is made only further concrete by using positive media coverage, as well as public protests, with a long-term vision to end war and instill actions in society that embody the world Code Pink envisions. The group utilizes these methods through their founders, their origins, and their current state in society.
The main women who founded Code Pink are Madea Benjamin, Jodie Evans, and Gael Murphy. Madea Benjamin, cofounder of Code Pink, has been an advocate for social injustice for more than 30 years (CodePink). With eight books behind her back, Benjamin is considered “one of Americas most committed … fighters for human rights” by New York Newsday (CodePink). After the 9/11 attacks, Benjamin started working to promote a U.S. foreign policy that would respect human rights and instead of contributing to violence, would gain the U.S. allies. Jodie Evans, co-founder and co-director of Code Pink, has been a peace activist for women’s rights and social justice for forty years (CodePink). Evans has also written two books and has also produced several documentary films in which two have been Oscar nominated (CodePink). Gael Murphy, a documentary filmmaker, originally joined Code Pink during the four-month White House vigil. In February of 2003 Murphy traveled to Iraq with a team of 16 peace delegates to capture footage of the country before the U.S. invasion, and later used the footage in the Code Pink story (CodePink).
The “War on Terror” is a term used for an international military campaign that initiated as an outcome of the horrifying 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center Towers and the Pentagon in 2001. These attacks led to the implementation of the War on Terror to eliminate al-Qaeda in Iraq and Afghanistan. The United States, along with the United Kingdom, Poland, and Australia, invaded Iraq and removed Saddam Hussein from office with the intention of freeing the Iraqi people and disarming Iraq’s weapons (“2003 Invasion”). Although many people support the campaign, a...

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