Fighting A Bride At Her Wedding

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As I sat at my desk in my chiropractor’s office, I received a phone call from my sister Trivia saying, “You have an invitation to your friend Suzie’s Wedding.” I said, “I’ll be over later to pick it up.” I hung up the phone and began to reminisce on how we didnt like each other in high school, but she is sending me an invitation to her wedding. I later began thinking harder. So I called Bri, and asked her, “Should that be a good idea to attend or the worst idea ever?” Bri told me, “Well I think you should attend, I’m going.” I asked, “Why?” Bri told me, “You shouldn’t hold a grudge for 20 years.” So I said, Okay, I guess I’ll attend since it has been 20 years.”
I started packing my things, so I could leave my office. As I was packing my things, something said, “Call and ask Trivia for Suzie’s number.” So I called Trivia. She gave me the number. I called Suzie and asked her, “Why did you invite me to your wedding?” She told me, “Because you were my best friend in high school, and I really want you to attend.” I started to laugh and said, “Okay and I may be able to attend. Where is it going to be held?” Suzie told me, “The wedding will take place at the end of a gravel sun baked road, in the old farm house. The wedding will begin at 3p.m.” I said, “Okay” and hung up the phone. I then began thinking about all of the events that had taken place 20 years ago in the old farmhouse. I remember Bri and Chavis fighting in the unshuttered windows that probably stood dark and empty now.
I arrived home, stepped out of my car, walked up the steps, and entered my house. My husband greeted me at the door and kissed me on the cheek. He said, “Good evening Baby, How was your day?” I responded, “Good evening Sweetie and my day was fine I guess.” I walked into the living room and kicked off my shoes. I began to tell him about the phone call I received from Trivia about Suzie’s wedding. I asked him, “Sweetie do you think I should attend?” He replied, “Yes you should and stop trying to hold grudges girl.” I said, “Okay whatever you say.” So then I lazily began to get off of the couch and make my way upstairs to pack. As I reached the top of the stairs, I’d lost all of my energy and didn’t even want to pack anymore, however I nonchalantly began to pack anyway knowing that I must be in the latest trend from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. While packing my clothing for this wondrous occasion, my husband came up the stairs and asked me, “Are you going to pack my clothing too?” I gave him the eye and said, “Dogs will fly before I pack anything for you.” Then he began to pack his own clothing.
The next morning, we began to be on our way. While on our way, we passed many of my classmates. I know that we passed Krystal & Domingo, Trivia & Mario, Ebony & Kyron, Tyissha, and Tymeshia. So finally, we arrived in the city of Aliceville after a long ride. I said, “Dang! I thought we would never make it.” We rode 12 ½ hours and that’s no fun at all. After 20 years,...

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