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With our planet enduring a global warming crisis, we cannot continue to create and use energy in the same manner as we have in the past. New strategies are being developed pertaining to how we can generate electricity in a greener manner as we focus on the problem of the increasing rate of greenhouse gases being emitted into our environment. This assignment will discuss the negative impacts hydropower could play in the future of generating electricity as opposed to using nuclear power. Additionally, the Chernobyl and Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disasters will be discussed in an effort to gather a conclusion regarding the risks versus the rewards of using nuclear power.
The hydropower industry is associated with water management as well as renewable energy, with approximately one-fifth of the world’s power generation stemming from the utilization of hydropower; however there are several harmful effects as well. The amount of rainfall an area receives will be a challenge to hydropower due to changes within our climates. In order to manage these changes and build hydropower plants, long-term preparation would be required and immense amounts of capital will be needed (KayGusuz, K., 2009).
In many instances, neighborhoods may need to be completely restructured which could involve relocating the populace. Disease transmitting organisms may instigate waterborne illnesses and for this reason, the water conditions should be tested. There may be the potential of methyl-mercury being released and presented to a number of living things, which could produce changes to the water habitation, therefore all types of water-abiding animals and people should be observed (Kaygusuz, K., 2009). The fact remains that the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown is the biggest nuclear disaster that occurred in the 20th century, exposing the technological, ecological, and social challenges in the era of scientific-technical advancement.
The Chernobyl disaster struck on April 26, 1986 with what started out as a problem with Reactor number 4; the problem soon turned to disaster as the reactor exploded and for the ten days following, billowing clouds of radioactive material was released into the environment throughout the Soviet Union and afar. The radioactive material was carried by the wind, finally coming to rest on the land, contaminating the soil and vegetation that was being grown for consumption (Kochetkov & Margulis, 2006).
People in the affected areas experienced tremendous financial devastation alongside the elimination of roughly 110,600,000 square meters of farmland and 700,000,000 square meters of forestland that was also used for farming. The authorities were forced to put constraints into place monitoring the amount of time people were allowed outdoors to work their farmland and forests, and constraints were also placed on items the citizens could safely eat from the community foodstuffs (Kochetkov, & Margulis, 2006). After the Chernobyl disaster, many...

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