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"Negroes and dogs not allowed." This was a sign placed outside of almost every door. During the earlier years of the European settlements, white has treated black as an inferior race. They enslaved the black Africans, uses them for slavery, and often uses threat and violence against them. In 1880, the U.S. Senate established a law called the Jim Crew law. Under the law, white was considered to be superior to black. There are white actors who painted their own face in charcoal and act out dumb movements in performance to humiliate the black African Americans. The society was so corrupted that even the law granted rights for white to treat black drastically. Resentment slowly grew among members. In 1950's to 1970's, many different activist sparked a Civil Right Movement. The activist who participates in the ignition of the civil right movement are Rosa Park, Emmett Hill, and Harper Lee, their contribution had unleashed the long suppressed hate within the people, and their effort also builded a strong bond between each other.
"He was the most beautiful baby in this world." Mamie said. Emmett Till was an innocent and responsible boy who died because of racial discrimination; his death later sparks the civil right movement. Emmett was dared by his friend to whistle at a white girl in a grocery store. When two white male saw Emmett, they followed him to a river, beat him up badly, and shot him to death. When someone found his body, the kid was beaten up so terribly even Mamie couldn't recognized her own son. The two white male murderer admitted that they kidnapped Till, but the jury was determine that they are not guilty. This devastating even uproar angers among the blacks. Emmett's mom started a funeral with an open casket to let every one see what society had done to her son. Tens and thousands of blacks attended the funeral. Emmett's mutilated body was also published on black oriented magazines and new papers. Mamie is a well educated women, the event of her son's funeral became the gun-powder that ignited the Civil Right Movement. Many Blacks starts to revolt and fought for their own right. The horrible death of Emmett Hill become one of the tragic event that resulted from racism.
Tired from a long day of work, Rosa Park refuses to give up her sit for a white male. Since a kid, Rosa was exposed to racism. Everyday, she walks a couple miles to school because there are a bus segregation law which forbidden blacks to ride on buses. After a long day of work, Rosa is exhausted from all of the prejudicial laws. She also grew tired of the dehumanized treatments toward African Americans. As a punishment for Rosa's refusal, she was found guilty and were fined with fourteen dollars. Rosa Park was now referred to as "The Mother of Civil Right Movement." Her action spurred a city-wide bus boycott. Later the city of Montgonery eventually lifted the law of segregation on public buses. From now on, blacks and white received an equal treatment in bus rides....

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