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This is not about the world of wrestling but about the World Wildlife Fund. In a recent add WWF has taken an interesting take on a pareidolia image to entice us to stop and feel. This is when you find an optical illusion in nature. Like a face in a cloud or Jesus in your grilled cheese. WWF is known for its emotion, facts, and creativity when it comes to advertisement. This charity organization pulls in donations from around the world to help with global conservation. They are the activists for our earth and the organisms that inhabit it. With their emotional, sometimes over the top, pull at your heartstrings advertising, WWF reminds us of the importance of our planet. Even though this advertisement is trickery to the eye, it is clear and captivating, making it easy to do a double take and find out more.
When you see an advertisement that has a picture of nature the usual response is, “Oh, that’s pretty”, and then you go on with your day. People don’t take time out of their days anymore to stop and “smell the roses”. Advertisers are aware of this so they add creative flare to mesmerize their audience. The background for this ad is the main event and is designed to catch the reader’s eye causing them to first think and second to donate to the cause or “product”. The picture they use is a waterfall set in the forest, presented as if you were looking through an open patch in the trees surrounding it. The water is cascading down many big rocks, leaving spaces of untouched rock, creating the pareidolia face image on the left. Starting from the top four rocks resembling the eyebrows and the eyes, and then down to the bottom three rocks resembling the nose and lips. In my opinion, the face has feminine characteristics to it; the water flowing down in directions that create the face to look smooth and slim . The rocks are also created to resemble smaller features of that to a woman. Taking a closer look, the face seems to have the emotion of sadness or to be in a solemn state. The “eyes” are set downwards with the water falling in the direction as if they were tears. The picture alone could make you understand what the WWF are trying to say, but just in case you still don’t understand they wrote it out for you.
Creating a unity theme, WWF’s campaign slogan was, “Preserve your world. Preserve yourself,” (1). This statement is pretty much saying if we take care of our earth we will also be taking care of ourselves. The slogan states exactly what they were trying to say with the picture. The colors used in the ad are not bright and do not have a wide range of color. The trees and plants are different shades of greens and browns, the waterfall is white with grey undertones, the rocks are covered with moss and it looks as though the lighting might be a day of overcast. The WWF then put their logo in the bottom right hand corner with the words “join us” and the website right bellow, giving you just enough information you need to take action...

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