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Fighting With Integrity Essay

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In the 4 books we read, Freedom’s Children, The Pearl, Schooled, and The Iliad, the main protagonists all fight with integrity. In Freedom’s Children, the black kids fight with integrity by protesting to gain freedom. In The Pearl, Kino fights with integrity by fighting for freedom in the form of protest. In Schooled, Cap fights with integrity y being non- violent by protesting. People fight with integrity by protesting for what they believe i.

Claudette Colvin fought with integrity by doing what she thinks is right. Claudette Colvin was a black girl who lived in the time where black people were discriminated. She was on a segregated bus. There was a white section and a black section. When there were no white people, Claudette was allowed to sit near the front. When white people started to board onto the bus, the card board signs indicating where the black people sat moved back. It moved past where Claudette Colvin was sitting. Claudette refused to move. The bus driver got the patrolman on the bus, she didn’t move. When Claudette Colvin didn’t move, the police came and arrested her. This was the time when black people were discriminated. This event happened in Montgomery, Alabama. Claudette thought that it was wrong- she thought segregation was wrong and that it violated her Constitutional rights (23). Protest means a refusal of something. Claudette Colvin protested, because she refused to get out of her seat. It was against the law for black people to sit in the white section of the bus. Claudette risked herself going to jail. Claudette knew it was wrong for white people to discriminate black people. She thought it was wrong she had to sit in the black section, so she sat in the white section. Her peers told her mama that she had got arrested. Claudette protested segregation by refusing to sit in the back of the bus.

Kino was a Mexican Indian who had found the Pearl of the World, the largest pearl. Kino sets out to sell the pearl to the pearl dealers in their office to buy his freedom. Kino was offered 1000 pesos for the pearl. Kino knew that the pearl was big. The pearl was worth much more than what was offered. Kino sticks around and listens to the other offers, which were worse than the first offer of 1000 pesos. Frustrated, Kino leaves the pearl dealers as a protest against the price that was offered to him, and he sets to the capitol to hope to sell his pearl there (37). Protesting means to reject something, and Kino rejected the price of the pearl that was offered to him. Since he rejected the price of the pearl, he protested. He risked his freedom for this. Kino decided it was wrong for the pearl dealers to cheat on him. He decides to go to the capitol to go and sell his pearl....

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