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Fighting Without Knowledge Will Hurt Essay

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In this era of information overload, our brains are bombarded by so many different news outlets it can be difficult to choose which channel you want to watch. With all the accusations of liberal or conservative bias dominating the feuds between the cable news channels, it would be easiest to choose the channel that we believe best fits our own ideological views. When you look at MSNBC and Fox News the ideologies seem to be completely opposite, but they have some similarities. Both are accused of having either a liberal or a conservative bias and it is not very difficult to tell which side the outlet leans toward, because of their constant bickering back and forth.
Fox News Channel may have an abundance of conservative opinion programs and, it is safe to say, that MSNBC mainly caters to the more liberal side of the ideologies with their programming, but why would that make the news channel itself biased? It is the assumptions that the mouthpieces of both channels, in this case Ed Schultz and Glenn Beck are news anchors, but in actuality they are political commentators who host shows that share their own view points with their audiences. The audiences tune in for the political pundits, with hopes of hearing the hosts demean their most hated liberal enemy or to see that some conservative talking head get bashed by the legal representation of the ACLU. People have a need to hear their own viewpoints voiced loud and clear and television shows, such as Glenn Beck on Fox News and The Ed Show on MSNBC, give conservatives, liberals and all in between everything they are looking for and then some.
Glenn Beck urges his millions of viewers to stand up and help take back the government that has been stolen away by a socialist regime. He accuses the Obama Administration of plotting to gain power, this is his sole motive, instead of having the American people’s best interest at hears. To some this seems absurd, but it is what his base group wants to hear. Whereas on the other side, you have pundits like Ed Schultz who never criticize the current president, no matter what follies he may commit, he only demonizes the previous one, again playing to the beliefs of his following. It is the constant bickering between the people of opposing political ideologies that make the news difficult for the common man to take with a grain of salt.
Beck often uses what seem to be scare tactics to get of his points across; whereas Schultz is more likely to give you his own opinion mixed in with some facts to make it all seem completely true. Neither method is successful in trying to create a balanced news outlet. In fact, the opinions of each side are grounded so far in the left or right that the middle is impossible to find. I purpose that Beck should visit MSNBC for a time, while Schultz takes a turn at FNC. Even though the notion of these dyed in the wool party supporters walking in the shoes of their polar opposites may seem absurd, but I believe that it...

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