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Filibustering The Us Essay

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Filibustering is as old as the United States, possibly even older. Filibusters had been dealt with throughout its existence with laws and legislation against it but it also can be appreciated. Before the Mexican-American war filibustering was working but was also being dealt with. After the war it was being dealt with in the opposite way. Filibustering also affected popular culture in new ways then other political and social issue, and many wanted to join in on filibustering. Since the beginning filibustering in the United States was part of the political system. The challenges of filibustering had an impact on the political spectrum of the United States, under international law. ...view middle of the document...

These extreme antics by government officials shows how filibustering affected the way the government handled itself. The law also showed how filibustering affected the government by having to protect themselves against possible wars against countries they were at peace with because of filibustering. This created a rift in the political system between government officials, being accused or possibly caught also the lack of trust they felt among their collogues.
After the Mexican-American War filibustering began a new era and increased into its own form of political rule. In his inaugural address President Franklin Pierce, called for expansion and included filibusters. Notorious expansionist who had links to the filibuster camp replaced two cabinet members, who were to enforce the Neutrality law (120). This law was virtually non-existent. Roughly a year after Pierce went into office he agreed to not interfere in filibustering in Cuba. These filibustering activities had to be kept under wraps so they could not attract publicity. In February 1854 the president persuaded the Senate to remove an antifilibustering clause for the pending Gadsden Purchase treaty (121).
Filibustering was also apparently non-existent, a Texas judge gave filibusters passports to use when they invaded Mexico. An Army officer complained and the judge stated that the Neutrality Act was not applicable to Texas because it became a state after the act was adopted. With President Pierce, Texas judge and other political figures that felt this way towards filibustering created less importance of political action against filibustering. Trials against filibustering were presenting in front of a jury who were profilibuster, they began to have overflowing numbers of supporters affected the way these trails finished. Much of these trails affected the way the media and the population felt about filibusters.
In American popular culture filibustering began to take shape. Authors began to become involved filibustering. Publishers, newspapers, and booksellers began to publish books and pamphlets about filibustering. Artists and photographs created portraits of famous filibusters. These professionals found these so thrilling because of the adventurous life filibusters lived. Filibustering was also the center of debates at college campuses. At Brown University and other Universities questions arose about filibustering such as: “ Should the US interfere with the Walker expedition in central America?” (77) College students found filibustering adventurous, many fantasied about being part of the action. Sometimes it affected college life in a direct way, by recruiting students to take part in filibustering. Most college students did not join in filibusters but the few that did dealt with challenges. Asbury Harpending, a college student who dropped out of college to join filibuster John Walker, but never made it because his party was stopped and forced to dissolved.
Filibustering also...

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