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The movie “Gandhi” begins with a very compelling scene with the foreshadowing of Gandhi’s assassination. He is walking with a crowd of people and is greeted by many. This was followed by a scene of thousands mourning his death from all around the world. Later, the movie takes a flashback to a younger Gandhi during his days in South Africa. He is seen on a train and though he is riding with a first-class ticket, he is forced to move to third-class due to him being a minority. He refuses and is thrown off of the train. Back in India, he never directly experienced this type of injustice. From there, he continues his attempts at non-violent protests. Gandhi’s main goal was to bring an end to racial oppression as well as create equality. He made little success in South Africa after being arrested multiple times. After his release in South Africa, he decided to move back to India to hopefully bring change there as well as hopefully gaining India’s independence back from the British Empire. Throughout the movie, there are many people who support his ways, many who try to be him down, and many who honestly don’t know if his ways of non-violence are worth it.
As Gandhi is trying to promote non-violence, he is repeatedly jailed and violence around India continues. After a brutal massacre of peaceful protestors in India, he goes on a hunger strike, threatening his life. He then goes on another hunger strike due to religious tensions between the Hindus and the Muslims. He says he won’t eat until they agree to stop which by that point; his health is in major risk. The fighting ends but the country is split. The northwest area of India and the eastern part of India are currently known as Bangladesh. During his unknowingly last days, he spends them trying to get common ground between the two groups. Throughout the movie, many people died to support Gandhi’s dream of non-violence.
Although this was an extremely eye-opening movie, there were actually quite a few weaknesses but of course some strength throughout the film. This film is a biography of Mohandas Gandhi. But this film is very much about India as much as it is about Gandhi. Almost everything was centered on Gandhi as it should be. As they showed Gandhi’s impact on India, they failed to show the complexity of India’s history while under the rule of the British. The movie tried to give a portrayal of India’s history during this time and all that it was going through, but they didn’t do that good of a complete job. Another weakness that I observed about this film was how the presence of blacks in a servile way in South Africa was completely ignored through its entirety. It was very odd how he only fought for the rights of the Indians but there were still black slaves working in the background. I don’t want to sound ignorant but before watching this movie, I wasn’t aware that there was such an enormous population of Indians in South Africa to the point where there were thousands of them fighting for...

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