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Film Adaptation Essay

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‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ is a common enough saying or is it the other way around .is it the textual words that are worth a thousand .today, film adaptations are a modernized version of ‘pictures’ whereas ‘words’ are the good old strudy books. The tussle between the two genres is long and hard.Adaptation is not a new phenomenon .From Sophocles to Shakespeare, writers have based their plays on myths and legends already been told. Hence, it is an age old trend that never goes out of fashion. It has however advanced profoundly such that it has leapt from the page of a book and onto the cinema screen. John Harrington in his book “Film And/is art” Estimates that a third of all movies ...view middle of the document...

Films being a more sensory experience than novel include color, movement and sound along with the verbal language. Our enjoyment in reading a novel is not the same as in watching a film because our imagination paints the characters to our own liking when we are reading a novel. The atmosphere, cultural context and plot line are portrayed as closely as possible to the original novel written by the author; and of course keeping in mind the audience’s expectations as well.
Movie makers themselves along the audience are readers first. The reader interacts with the text to fill in the gaps left in the text. In other words what is not said is as important as what is wolfgang Iser talks of his aesthetic theory better known as “fill in the gap” theory:“what is said only appears to take on significance as a reference to what is not said; it is the implications and not the statements that give shape and weight to the meaning. But as the unsaid comes to life in the readers imagination, so the said “expands” take on greater significance than might have been supposed: even trail scenes can seem surprisingly profound”4.As a book reader “reads between the lines” so in the same way a viewer watches the story unfold and these unsaid “gaps” are revealed differently on screen.One is reminded of the fact that being a writer is all about choices.It is a decision of a writer when to reveal something and when to hold back. This hide and seek of actuality creates the suspense that hooks the readers to the books in breathless anticipation of the next scene of events that unfold. Movie makers take advantage of his phenomenon especially in making literary film adaption.Every thing can convey a point of view: camera angles , focal length, music, performance, or costume in a film adaption , while novels leave a job of “filling gaps” to the readers imagination. Films are a ready made medium of projecting preconceived perceptions that which are the “gaps” that are already filled and all the audience has to do is to ‘watch’ them; here the imagination of the...

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