Film Analysis Of Friends With Benefits

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In the 2011 film Friends With Benefits it focuses on a relationship that is shifted away from what the norm relationship desires. Jamie is an executive headhunter who works out of New York City who is trying to convince Dylan, a go-getter art director for a popular website to fly to New York to interview for an art director job for GQ Magazine. After showing Dylan around what the job and New York City has to offer Jamie convinces him to take the job. Once Dylan moved, Jamie spent time with him showing him around, introducing him to her friends to make him feel more comfortable in the big city.
They start to hang out strictly as friends and once getting to know each other better they realize they feel the same exact way about relationships; they always lead to complications, emotions and guilt. When comparing sex like playing a game of tennis; playing the game, shaking hands and then going on with his or her life Dylan suggested they played a game of “tennis”. After swearing on Jamie’s bible Ipad app they agreed to have no relationship, no emotion, just sex and whatever happens they stay friends.
When telling their family and friends the type of relationship they are involved in their response was that it would never work out, feelings always get in the way. After talking to her mom Jamie decided she wanted to start dating again and Dylan agreed. They started to help each other try and find dates, as friends would normally do. Jamie meets a man Parker and they begin to start dating. When Dylan sees pictures of the new couple he decides it s time for him to go out as well. Jamie explains to Parker how she is one of the fools that believes in true love and is looking for her prince charming. After a few dates, Parker backs out of the relationship and tells her that he could never be her prince charming she was looking for. On top of all that her mom who has never been very involved in her life cancels their Fourth of July plans. While upset and venting to Dylan he suggests she gets out of town and buys her a ticket to go with him to Las Angeles to visit his family.
While on vacation in California, romantic feelings started to form and there was an exchange of a passionate kiss and intimate sex like no other time. A few days later, Dylan’s sister was questioning their relationship and Jamie overheard him saying there is no feelings between them and that Jamie is too messed up that there would never be a relationship. Being upset Jamie used a work excuse to leave the vacation early. She continued to ignore Dylan’s text messages and phone calls. Dylan finally found Jamie and she informs him that she overheard all the mean things he said about her. Dylan reminds her that this was what she wanted, no relationship and no emotions. She storms off saying that she doesn’t want to be friends with someone who talks bad behind her back. Once Jamie finds out Dylan is going to leave his job she rushes to try and find him due to the fact that she will be...

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