Film Analysis: Aliens And Attrition

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The characters are very important to the story, because they are mediums through which we view this radical world. Most of the main characters begin as Scottish peasant farmers, which provide them with a keen sense to what oppressed life consists of. The native that Colin and George saved in India has also lived a troubled life. The protagonist Colin McLaren is in his mid-teens when his parents die, roughly twenty when he joins the military, and roughly thirty when the invasion begins, is constantly developing throughout the film. When his mother and father pass away, he is searching for guidance and is looking for someone to rely on. During his military years, Colin begins to put others before himself as he is serving to support his brother, but is still not independent as he needs George to give him the push into the military, and his reservations against George’s actions show his lack of his own voice. When the invasion comes, he becomes an entire new man who acts selflessly. This is shown when he protects George from the charging alien, and when he volunteers for protection at the most dangerous post. He also saves the Indian native, and gains him as a new companion. By the end of this story he embraces the traits of a natural leader, he thinks rationally, and selflessly puts others needs before his own.
Colin and George represent the Imperial forces colonizing India. According to Ranajit Guha, they represent the cause of insurgency. The natives might be the first to strike, but there is typically a violent action that sparks a revolt. In this film that event could be considered George mistreating the native peasants who were already captured. These groups can also represent the three types of discourse found with historic writing, which includes primary, secondary, and tertiary points of view. Each person can represent the primary discourse, such as George explaining how he treated the peasants, or could be the saved native recording the process of changing back from a zombie, and even Colin’s perspective of the goo found floating in the water. The secondary discourse could be Nikola Tesla, using the information from India to created his weapon, but as long as the process is recorded and references the primary discourse.
The tertiary discourse can be represented by any analyzed work many years later. This could be done by using primary and secondary sources to paint the full picture of the invasion.
Colin’s companion George Murdoch does not really develop throughout the story, but plays a pivotal role in aiding Colin’s growth. He is a brute man that is a little younger that Colin, but more than makes up for it in size and stature. Just like Colin, George wants to provide for his family, but his father’s death overshadows this goal during his military years. He is more immature than Colin, and makes gut decisions with little afterthought, but is loyal to his companion and understands honor. His sister Anna is his complete...

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