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Film Analysis: Crash

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In life many people are hurt or “damaged” and need to find a way to heal. The characters in the movie “Crash” experienced a lot of hurt and some realizing that they did not even know they were hurt to a major event happened.
One character that I noticed that was “damaged” was Daniel’s (the locksmith), daughter. You first see the little girl when her father comes home and she is hiding underneath the bed. She tells her father that she is scared and that she heard a big bag. Her dad asked her like a truck bang and she replied “Like a gun.” The little girl was scared because they used to live in a neighborhood that had lots of gun being fired and one of the bullets went into your bedroom ...view middle of the document...

” Officer Ryan was “damaged” because of how he watched his father work so hard to own his own business and gave equal opportunities to the minority until the city council decided to give minority-owned company. When this happened Officer Ryan watched his father lose everything. On top of watching his father lose everything, he also is playing the parent role because he father is really sick and he wants to help him but he cannot find a doctor who is willing to help him. Officer Ryan by the end of the movie I pitied him. Due to his experience of watching his father lose everything he took the bitterness and anger take over his life and effected the innocent people around him. Officer Ryan can teach everyone a lesson that there is also going to be bad things that happen to people that we may never escape. But it is about how we handle the situation and move on will define who we are. Officer Ryan let the bad things that happen to him in his life define him to a cocky racist. I feel that Officer Ryan has not healed at all yet and may never heal. He will continue to act the way he does even though he did show a good side of him when he saved Christine in the car accident, but he will never forget how much his father lost and how he isn’t getting any good medical care.
A third character that was “damaged” was the DA’s wife Jean due to the car theft by two black men and her stereotype of the minorities. Jean is so tense in the movie and has many non-verbal behavior throughout the movie. Her behavior is not just toward the men who stole her car, but to her husband, her housekeeper and the locksmith. She shows anger toward everyone because that is how she feels in control of her life. However, as you see more of Jean, you see unhappy she is. She even mentions to her friend Carl that “she wakes up every morning….I am angry all the time, and I don’t know why…” You really do not know what kind of life Jean had before her marriage to the DA if she was treated differently or if she was raised by her parents to have an assumption based how what race a person is. Jean shuts people out who want to help her and turns to people who are just as judgmental as she is. She is also reacting out of fear. Fear can be “damaging” because sometimes fear forces people to act a certain way that they may not act normal. Unfortunately, a fall down the stairs turn her whole imagine around and realized that the only friend that she really had was her housekeeper Maria. This is the first time Jean, decided to be valuable and with her hugging Maria (who is a Spanish) gives her a step to healing and looking at people as people and not as a race.
This help us to see what Officer Ryan say to Officer Hanson “You think you know who you are. You have no idea.” On the outside people can have a certain attitude to hide what is really bothering them. This movie helps show us the humanness and spirit in everyone. We all have some “damage” in us and we all need to...

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