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Film Analysis: She Is The Man

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Throughout history, men were expected to be more fearless than women. Thousands of years ago, men were responsible for hunting animals and protecting the family from danger. Now, men are responsible for earning family income and fixing all the things in the house. Even though these roles makes them look tough on the outside, they might, at times, still feel vulnerable and lonely on the inside like women do. When women feel lonely and upset, they usually turn to family and friends to get comfort from them. However, men tend to repress their feelings more than women. The former Canadian president, Lester Pearson, once said: “Behind every successful man, there is a great woman.” Why are women ...view middle of the document...

Sometimes it gets really quiet in their room, and neither of them talk. However, after a few weeks, they become friends and Duke tells Viola about his crush, Olivia. One night, when they were sitting in their room and were talking about Olivia, Duke unexpectedly tells Viola more deeply on how he feels toward girls, sex, and Olivia. He tells her his personal thoughts on the topics that are really different from how other guys think. However, right after he expresses his feelings, he regrets doing so. He immediately denies what he previously said and even forces Voila not to tell anyone about this conversation. Obviously, he does not want other people to judge him by his thought about girls, which is out of the norm for males. Also, he does not want others to know that he talked to Viola about Olivia “like a girl.”
In fact, psychologists discovered that men tend to repress their feelings to others in order to show their manliness. One of the reasons is that ,traditionally, people think that showing emotions and feelings are usually what females do. In other words, they are considered female traits. Especially in today’s society, more men have homophobia, which is the fear of being seen as gay. By carrying typically female traits, such as being able to openly discuss emotions, men are afraid that they will be seen as gay (Huston and Ashmore, 1986 and Peplau, 1983). Another reason suggests that men tend to compete against each other. They want to be respected by others. Consequently, they prevent themselves from sharing fear, concerns, doubt, and personal emotions to others that will make them seem vulnerable and weak (Barkow et al., 1992 and Buss, 1995). In the movie, Duke does not want Viola, who he assumes is a man, to view him as weak that he could not even solve a problem with a girl he likes. So, he regrets telling Viola about his feelings. As a consequence of not sharing feelings with each other, men have less intimate friendships than women do.
On the other hand, women are more expressive and share more intimate information with their friends. Most of the women seem to have no problem at self-disclosure. In the movie, when a soccer ball hits Duke, Viola immediately shows her concerns, saying, “Oh my God, you are bleeding, are you okay?” She forgot she was disguised as a man. After she realized her mistake, she immediately said “Suck it up! Be a man!” The contrast between her reactions toward the same situation shows that women are instinctually prone to reveal their emotions. In fact, women are more likely to develop intimacy in a same-sex friendship. Not only the trait is inherent, but also society thinks women and men should act in this way. We can see it from the immediate attitude change when Viola remembers that she was disguised as a man. As a matter of fact, it is more socially acceptable for men to express powerful emotions, such as anger, disgust, and contempt, because it can prevent them from looking weak. In...

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