Film Analysis: T He Great Debaters

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The purpose of the review assignment for the movie “The Great Debaters” was to allow students to learn how to discuss a point intelligently. When research and facts are presented calmly and logically, it is more easily understood. Changing another person’s opinion on an idea is more likely to happen when there is no conflict or disagreement. The instructor wanted the students to view the difference between aggressive and non-aggressive behavior.
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When the debate team was traveling, they witnessed a horrible lynching and were chased. In Oklahoma City arrangements were made for a debate. However, this debate was to be held off campus because that college was all white; this was another injustice noted. The farmer made the doctor pick up his check after throwing it on the ground, which was very disrespectful.
In the movie “The Great Debaters” it was the culture of African Americans to resolve issues using their intelligence. Often this was seen through their education, speech, values, and peaceful solutions.
The debaters spoke about many issues with confidence and compassion. Since the debaters were self-assured, these issues were mostly influenced by their point of view and allowed them to win. Unfortunately, the one debate they did lose appeared to portray a lack of confidence to the audience. Yet, the emotion and conviction rendered at Harvard from the lynching description was phenomenal. The young debater was able to acquire the victory and win the dispute!
In this movie, the African American population received the greatest benefit of the debaters win at Harvard. They were able to speak intelligently about personal experiences they had witnessed, especially the injustice seen against another human being. Much respect was earned throughout the country from the debater’s words.
Using critical thinking to show intelligence, the debaters exploited the laws against humanity realizing it surpasses the laws of man. As his teammate mentioned to him earlier in the movie, the debater knew the witnessed lynching was something he would never forget. It was unimportant what the man had done wrong, what mattered is that the man was not allowed an...

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