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Film Analysis: The Hour

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Since I don't know how to make a timeline, I figured i would just write a review and compare and contrast. After viewing the film The Hours via Netflix, I can safely say that this has become one of my new favorite movies, and not just because Meryl Streep is in it! The film the Hours focuses on three different women, all in three different time periods, but all in just one day. An effective way, in my opinion, to showchase just how influential change can be.
The character of Laura, played by Julianne Moore, is a pregnant woman who is clearly very unhappy in her marriage. Her segment takes place in the 1950's, in the aftermath of World War II. In the 50's, the average household was expected to live "the American dream." In other words, your home and your lifestyle reflect sucess through hard work. Back in those days, everyone was expected to have a nice husband or wife, be happily married, have a decent house and job, and have necessities like a television, fridge, ...view middle of the document...

This movie really showcased Mrs. Woolf's struggles as a female author as she works on her book Mrs. Dalloway, and covered everything from her bipolar mood disorders to her nervous breakdowns, to the struggles she had with her husband. Throughout her segments in the movie, she struggles with the notion of contemplating suicide. Her husband, whom she loves very much, and vice versa, is concerned for her mental and physical health, and manages his own company in the comfort of their own home in order to be with Virginia and keep a close, watchful eye on her for any sign of changes in behavior or mood swings. She commited suicided in 1941 by drowning herself when she was only 59. The film ends with her suicide and her voiceover was the letter that she wrote to her husband at the time of her death, and tells him thanks for all his love, and thanks for all the hours, thus the appropriate name for the title of the film. In the 1920's, women were still expected to maintain that appearance and attitude of doting wife and lover to the husband. Woolf broke all of these conventional mainstream ideas when she started writing in the 1900's and began to challenge men's viewpoints on how women should live their lives, paving the way for many more influential women in history.

And finally, my last and personal favorite throughout this movie, Meryl's character, Clarissa. Clarissa lives in the early 2000s and her plot point in the film is her hosting a party for her ex lover who is to be the recipient of an award and is dying from AIDS. She has since discovered she is bisexual, and spent the last several years living with a woman. These were all things women in the 1900s and '50s like in the other segments would not have ever dared to utter for fear of ostracization and rejection from society. This segment showed just how far women have come. Her friend winds up killing himself in front of her, despite her efforts to make him happy by throwing the party. The friend's mother comes to visit and it turns out to be none other than Laura, the pregnant woman who chose life over death. I really enjoyed this segment best, how it showed and emphasized that history does have a point in our present lives, and that times will always change and evolve, either for better or for worse.

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