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Film Analysis: The Scenes In Wyatt Earp

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The scenes in Wyatt Earp expressed a feeling of comfort between the viewer and the film. The development of the characters reflect upon the hardship of the Old Western lifestyle. In this film, we are introduced to the idea of genre and the components that differentiate films altogether. However, Wyatt Earp has showed us a different side of genre, where two genres are joined together as one. The film Wyatt Earp has displayed examples of genre-breaking through its plot, character development and connection to modern day society.
Genre, a term to describe and categorize films on how they are presented towards the audience. These categories range from Western films to Science Fiction films. ...view middle of the document...

As a result, the film makers have contributed to defining this film as a "gangster" genre. Though explicit, Wyatt Earp's encounter with several other cowboys has created tension and has changed his personality throughout the film. His character development through poor relationships between other male characters also justifies the definition of the "gangster" genre as well. However, Wyatt Earp's relationships with other female character in the film changes the definition of the film as it changes the genre from "gangster" to "romance".
Lastly, the film incorporates traditional Western values and norms into the film that further defines the genre-breaking. The relationships between characters in the film represent parts of our Western society today. The role of the gangsters represent the hardships that humans go through in their daily lives, and the relationships represent the positive of our lives. This is significant to genre because expressing feeling through the character roles connects the audience with the film. As a result, the audience defines the genre, so how a...

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