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One of the most popular social networking websites today is none other than Facebook. People use Facebook in order to stay connected with their friends, family and the people around them, to discover what’s going in the world, in addition to share and express what matters to them. The Social Network is a film on how Facebook was created. There was a series of events, character development, relationships and a series of different emotions that are shown throughout the film.
“Plot points significant events that turn the narrative in a new direction” (Barsam 2012, p. 133). There were a total of plot points which were: Erica breaking up with Zuckerberg, the Winklevoss twins and Divya bringing their idea of Harvard Connect to Zuckerberg, and Eduardo freezing the account. The opening scene of the Social Network is one of the most significant key scenes of the movie. It is the reason why Zuckerberg even created Facebook in the first place. The opening scenes shows Zuckerberg and Erica in a crowded bar know as the Thirsty Polar Pub, having a heated discussion. The topics range from SAT scores in China to and rowing crewing in final clubs. Zuckerberg disrespects Erica and undermined each time he has the chance of opportunity to do so, which later ends up into an argument between the two. The argument results in Erica breaking up with Zuckerberg and calling him an “asshole”.
The breakup leads to the creation of Facemash and catching the attention of the Winklevoss twins and Divya. The trio then brought the idea of Harvard Connect to Zuckerberg. If they have never done that, Zuckerberg probably would have never came up with the idea of Facebook on his own. The third major event is when Eduardo froze the bank account that was used to pay for the business expenses. If Eduardo had never froze the account, then he probably would have still owned his 34% share of the company. However, Eduardo wanted to prove a point and be appreciated more. Instead, he was kicked out of the company by Zuckerberg.
The Social Network is a narrative type of movie, but was shown in a non-chronological order. The style was effective as the case and past events fit quite well together. Whenever they were discussing about a certain topic in the case, they will then show the past event to show what they were talking about. The non-chronological order was probably the best way to have done the flim in order for the viewers to have a better understanding. If it was told in chronological order, it would have been more difficult for the viewers to pick up on what they needed to see.
Mark Zuckerberg is one of the protagonists in the film, the Social Network. Zuckerberg is a student at Harvard University who had social issues but was able to create one of the most successful, yet also marketable social networking websites in technology history through inspiration by fellow students and a hot-headed hacking catastrophe. Like most college students, Zuckerberg had shaggy tousled hair....

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