Film Analysis: The World Before Her

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The world before her is a film of hope and dreams for Indian women. We examine two girls with different paths but one goal in common, empowerment. This term conveys a wide range of interpretations and definitions one of them being power over oneself. Both Prachi and Ruhi manifest a will for female empowerment but both have distinct views on how this is achieved. Prachi believes the way to achieve empowerment is through her mind and strength, while she still confines to tradition views of Indian culture. Ruhi desires to achieve female empowerment by exposing her beauty in a non-conservative way while maintaining her Indian identity.

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Her father does not know what she wants nor does he consider it important. He becomes upset when she talks about a career, something different for her future because he doesn’t believe in such thing for an Indian woman. Prachi also confesses that she became heartless to her father’s abuse but justifies him by saying she owes him her life because he allowed her to live. Besides getting married, what would make Prachi’s father proud is if she gave her life for mother India. The doctrine of Prachi could be the reason why she does not relate to “girly girls” and believes so strongly that the Hindu movement is for her. The movement has the violence and requires the kind of strength she was brought upon.

The self-respect of Indian women is constantly being questioned in the camp and they are complete against beauty pageant. They believe that women should not be judge by the size of their hips. But on the other hand, Ruhi, an urban young woman that participates for the Miss India Crown believes that beauty pageant empowers her and also makes her parents proud. Rahi claims that the pageant gives her identity and allows her to gain respect for herself. The girls in the pageant believe that the pageant is not only about external beauty, is about internal beauty as well. The coronation of Miss India is a big event for the country. A billion plus of the population view this event. In consequence, the winner receives instant stardom and it is seen as a platform to a new path of opportunities and freedom from a limited patriarchal society. General women of India are now allowed outside the house. Most of the girls are not even allowed to...

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