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Film As A Formal System In Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

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Film as a Formal System in Scott Pilgrim vs. the WorldThe concept of film form centers around the idea of effectively engaging an audience. Motion pictures that properly adhere to form are abundant in sensory, emotive, and thought-provoking elements. While form in any creative medium is made up of a vast number of different components, basic understanding can be met by following five general principles: function, similarity and repetition, difference and variation, development, and unity. In addition, this formal system categorizes a films' elements as either narrative or stylistic. The film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is exemplary in its effective use of film form by not only involving its audience, but catering to each of the five principles of form.To begin with, the principle of function simply implies that with every element that is introduced in a film, there is always a reason- or in this case, a function, attributed to its presence. The narrative and stylistic elements of Scott Pilgrim all have their own functions. From the get go, the title itself, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, gives the impression that the film centers around a battle or altercation between its protagonist, Scott, and essentially the 'world', or in this case, Ramona's seven evil exes. The title essentially functions by setting the tone for the entire film, establishing to its audience that they should expect fighting, and lots of it.Another example of function from the stylistic aspect would be within the film's odd cuts and editing style. Scott Pilgrim is certainly fast in its pacing and rather rapid in transitioning from scene to scene. There can be two functions attributed to this stylistic element. First, there is the purpose of creating a semblance of style to a comic book, where the story of Scott Pilgrim originated from. The movement within comic books and graphic novels is immediate and prompt. There is no wiggle room for slow transitioning, as comics are presented through pictures, literally rigid and without movement. An example of this is made in the scene where Scott is at the library with his girlfriend, Knives Chau. As the couple runs into Ramona Flowers, there is a sudden cut to Stephen, the lead singer of Sex Bob-omb, yelling in Scott's ear. Even Scott himself is disoriented by the abrupt change in scenery, going from the library to band practice. Ultimately these odd cuts and swift transitions function as a mimicry to the pace and movement of the original Scott Pilgrim comic, giving recognition and acknowledgement to its creator, Bryan Lee O'Malley. The second function of the editing style is merely to emulate the way of thinking within this generation. To put it simply, teenagers and young adults, which are the appealed to audiences of Scott Pilgrim, do not have the time, nor attention spans to get through a film that cannot function as fast paced. Without the blunt cut technique, the film would fail to function as an embodiment of its target audience-...

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