Film Critique For Schindler's List Usa 1993 (Steven Spielberg)

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The film was mainly about this guy Schindler who, during the years when Jews were put in concentration camps, helped more than a 1000 to escape their deaths from Germans. Schindler was a German who at first only tried to make some good business for himself. Later on, as he witnessed the day when all the Jews were moved from Ghetto and where many of them were killed, Schindler began doing everything possible to keep his workers. Gradually his only goal was to save as many Jews as he could. Even when the only way to keep them away from Germans was to go bankrupt, Schindler did sacrifice all his fortune on them. In every day life, Schindler was a wealthy prosperous man who won other people's trust through his wallet. But he did so with certain knowledge on how to make them his friends. To German generals he sent a basket of the most fine products and the most restricted ones, he partied with them and had memorable photographs made for them, and he also bought them dinner. He also was polite to them and offered his "gratitude" for any inconvenience or for any aid they offered to him. Jews he saved were brought to his factory because he had connections with other German officers. Otherwise, if he didn't win their trust first, they may have told on him as if they were suspicious about his doings. Thus, basically Schindler risked his life by helping his workers to stay alive. As he said it, "it is a very dangerous business."I can only suppose that Steven Spielberg just sought out an idea to make the movie out of. I mean from all his previous and yet movies to come, he had been amazing at his work. To me, the film is a piece of work done so it would trigger this little sympathy the viewer still has, meaning that from a different outlook, the story wouldn't have viewer's interest. Because we saw this film in our class, it is already a proof that the movie is of the viewer's interest. Anyhow, the filmmaker was trying to capture the viewer's interest, win his or her sympathy to the situation, and also to inform on some historic factors. Such effects such as sound effects, choice of the background, choice of the actors, and choice of the sequence of the events, are the techniques used to create a dramatic scene for the viewer to relate to the situation more in an emotional way. Many scenes also reflect some striking points in history; the reality of the events makes the film even more dramatic. The holocaust, one dramatic point in history, is reflected through the story of Schindler, making the story even more personal; so, the main concept would be to reveal as much of horrifying truth of holocaust, as it was experienced and told by survivors.Culture, as I remember, is based on customs. In this case, customs were that Jews weren't welcome to live with others, especially after German were taking over the cities where they lived. They had to move to ghetto, a district made especially for them to stay in, until, of course, they planned to eventually wipe out...

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