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Film Critique On The Movie Truman

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Truman is a truly great movie depicting the President of the United States, Harry S. Truman's life from 1910 to 1953 when he resigned from office. It begins with Mr. President sitting in a train talking to his advisors about how the polls are looking for the new Presidential election of 1948. He starts to write a letter to his wife, Bess Truman, but the picture fades into a memory from his past. In this next scene, the viewer meets Bess's parents back in the 1910's. Soon they marry and Harry needs money to pay back his debts during the Great Depression so he takes the offer up of being Judge of Jackson County, Missouri. Baby Margaret Truman is born and even more money is needed so Harry ...view middle of the document...

No one believes he will be victorious in the polls but he is a determinated man and in the end the Democratic Party wins with Truman at the head. The H-bomb is starting to be tested and the U.S. enters into the Korean War. The year is now 1952, another election year, and he decides he will not run for President again and is replaced by Dwight Eisenhower in the February of 1953.Amazingly, Truman is incredibly accurate. This film was made by and for HBO, who does wonderful movies and series based on historical events that are portrayed almost perfectly, if not perfectly, on the screen. This film is so great, Gary Sinise even has Truman's Missouri accent down pat. Throughout the whole experience the viewer can tell that the movie is based wholly on fact, such as when footage is shown of the real Harry Truman speaking in Berlin after WWII to Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin on how to keep the peace between the three countries. But inevitably there are a few things that have been added in for entertainment value like the scenes with his family arguing. These arguments are not written down anywhere word-for-word, if at all, so the arguments were added in to show the feeling of dislike from Truman to Bess's mother and vice versa. There is also exaggeration on events. At one point the President is unable to pay the train conductor who is driving the train he needs to be on and he will not go on until he is paid. An advisor and the conductor get into a verbal squabble over the railroad strike and how they were all going to be drafted into the army. The film then shows Truman passing around his hat asking for money to pay the conductor. It is just strung out for effect.Since this is a movie based on a man's time in the White House there are no obvious points of view or biases. Occasionally, though, things are said about specific groups of people that are said to be bad. To some people the Japanese are one of these groups, or bad people, but to the Japanese themselves the Americans are bad. Many of the biases are racist like this one. A religious and a political view shown is about the Ku Klux Klan. At one point Truman is talking about the civil rights and he mentions he almost joined the KKK and the only reason he didn't was that it was anti-Catholic, but then he saw how bad the blacks and Catholics were being treated and how terrible it was that a...

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