Film Essays Comparison Of The Movie, Life Is Beautiful And The Bible

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A Comparison of the Film, Life is Beautiful and the Bible

Many elements of the film Life is Beautiful can compare to the Bible. For example, Guido, the main character, acts as a Christ figure in that he saves his son, Joshua from the evils of the Holocaust. Another example that compares with the Bible is the tank that is promised to Joshua. Finally, Guido’s death eventually saves Joshua from his own death. Such examples in the movie are comparable to examples in the Bible.

In the film, Guido is a Christ figure to his son. During their imprisonment in the concentration camp, Guido explains things to his son in a way that shelters his son from the reality of what is happening. Guido loves his son and he protects his son from being hurt, even if doing so involved breaking rules and getting in trouble himself. In such a way did Jesus Christ love his followers. Jesus suffered to protect His people. Jesus loved his followers and was not selfish toward them. He always did what was right for the well being of His people, even when it was considered wrong or unlawful. Guido’s actions that protect his son are comparable to the actions of Jesus Christ.

Guido promises Joshua a great, shiny tank as the reward for his enduring the suffering of the concentration camp. Joshua is very excited and can think of nothing but winning the tank. However, Joshua is doubtful of the promise because he has no proof that the tank exists. This is similar to the Christian belief in eternal life. Christians believe that at the end of their life they will join God in heaven and have eternal life. ...

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