Film Is A Collaboration Masterpiece Essay

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The realization of a motion picture is an arduous collaborative process,
Which requires that a great among of people come together to in a synchronic manner to
Create the final product. In modern times media has made film to be seen as a glamorous
profession, and often the layman sees filmmakers and actors as people who make a lot of
Money, in a very easy manner. This could not be farther from the true; In fact the
realization of a single scene that will last from seconds to a few minutes on the screen,
can take between 12 hours to several days of the hard work of a large team of individuals.
Each of these individuals from the head producer down to the last of the extras are all
equally important for the success of every scene , and ultimately the final feature film
(Grossman 271-285. 15p).

Through the history of American cinema, there has been a conflict among
scholars of cinema studies, in determine the effect of different leadership roles on the
making of film. Most film school’s focus on the role of the director as the master crafter
of the film, this leads some time to miss directional conflicts among film students , who
are often grade individually for film they were require to create as a group. These
students usually are only successful when they mange to fit on a group, where all
personalities match well, and every member of the group values their role , and takes a
harmonious responsibility to give his best even if his job is to hold the pole microphone
trough the shot. This is not always the case sine people have many personalities
sometimes strong group members do not recognized their individual roles as worthy and
they try to push trough others, in other to forcefully make their individual voice push into
the project (Hodge p18-30, 13p).

This attitude usually creates bad chaos, and if the point of consensus among all
members of the group is not reached, the final product is usually mediocre or unusable.
The key factors for success is to master collaboration and conflict negotiation, in the film
industry unlike in student groups a good producer or director usually manages the
interactions among all other members of the group and if successful, this will be able to
create the perfect fluid and harmonious work flow among all the crew members.
Collaboration in filmmaking is represented by a complex artistic choreography which
must not rushed, and should seem natural and fines, this neither should seem completely
anchored but instead free moving. This should be expressed in detail, and in the manner
of a good and harmonious partnership, this needs to be nurtured with work, skill,
dedication, and great insight in order to work (Hodge p18-30, 13p).

In our viewings we found Raging Bull, a complex story made more complex in its
creating by the strong personalities of the creative individuals that came together to create
the film. While Robert De Niro and martin Scorsese had obvious strong artistic

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