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Film Paper On Kramer Vs. Kramer In Communications 101 Got A 98 Communications Research

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Moore 1
Sierra Moore
Professor DeVoll
COM 101:20
20 February 2018
Film Paper #1- ​Kramer vs. Kramer
After reviewing the film ​Kramer vs. Kramer​, I will implement a blunt summary covering
verbal communication, non verbal communication, and self esteem.
On the same day an advertising executive Ted Kramer lands the job of a lifetime, his
wife, Joanna, is leaving him and their son Billy. Ted is forced to raise Billy alone, but they gain a
strong relationship along the way. Joanna returns to fight a custody battle and the whole family is
First, let's look at verbal communication. Verbal communication is defined as “the words
we choose to use” (Per Professor DeVoll’s lecture on the Carroll Model of Communication
January 18, 2018). Within the film Ted has a argument with Billy and says “I hate you too!” Ted
doesn't really hate Billy, but he was caught in the moment of the argument. Ted says “I got
people to see, and Daddy's gotta bring home the bacon. Not only does he bring home the bacon,
but he's gotta cook it, too, doesn't he?” This line was a radical idea even in 1979, that a man
would take on domestic responsibilities. He is trying to convince Billy that he can handle it by
himself, because he is not exactly confident in himself. It is important for people to have good
verbal communication, because communication will not run very smoothly, or be as effective if
the verbal communication lacks skill.
Moore 2
Throughout the movie, as in any movie or in real life, there are signs of nonverbal
communication. Nonverbal communication is defined as “anything but words” (Per Professor
DeVoll’s lecture on the Carroll Model of Communication January 18, 2018). Within the film,
Ted packs up all the pictures around the house of Joanna. That showed the ending of their
relationship, and that he did not want to see her anymore. Also, when Billy and Ted were

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