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Film Posters Essay

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It is interesting when discussing film posters to examine the roles the play in today’s modern day society. Film posters have a diverse variety of uses such as to advertise an upcoming film and to add to the anticipation and excitement for its release date, which would boost their cinema attendance and DVD sales. Film posters usually contain examples of different persuasive and informative techniques, such as a:
Title (a title is a persuasive and informative technique, it is hard to differentiate between the techniques a title uses because it is being informative by telling the audience the films name, but the title can also be persuasive because it can be used to subtly hint the genre and plot of the film which could entice anticipation from the audience.)
Tag Line (are generally seen as a persuasive technique because they are used to excite the audience and build up anticipation of its release date.)
Actors names ( are quite similar to the title because it is being informative by telling the audience the actors names, but actors names can also be persuasive because the film could contain a worldwide renowned actor who would create a bigger ‘pull’ than actor who nobody has ever heard of.)
Release dates, website address and credits (these are used as informative techniques because they use no persuasive techniques in their text. Their sole role in a film poster is to inform.)
Images (this is a persuasive technique mostly used to excite the audience, but it can be informative in such a way to briefly hint the plot and genre of the film.)
DVD posters usually contain all of these things, but may include more features such as:
Awards nominated and awards won (this is a persuasive technique because many people believe that only good films get awards, so this is practically proving the film is good because it got an award to say so.)
Certificate Rating (This is an informative technique which appears on every DVD cover, it tells the audience who this film is suitable for and why it has been given that rating.)
The first film poster I am going to discuss is entitled ‘Alien’ 1979. The poster uses a variety of different techniques such as a title, a persuasive tag line, a mysterious glowing egg with a crack of light coming from it and some sort of extra-terrestrial mesh, which resides at the bottom of the poster. The poster does not use any informative techniques apart form its title. I believe that the target audience is 15-40 year old males, who are interested into extra-terrestrial horror. On the other hand I believe the target audience could be anybody with an inquisitive, curious mind, who was confused by the image and wants to find out what it is. I believe that my first suggestion is correct because the tag line and the title both suggest that the film involves extra terrestrial activity. What mainly support this suggestion is the title, if you would see a movie title entitled ‘Alien’ you would definitely think it ii about...

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