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Movie Report On Citizen Kane

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Welles, a writer, a director, an actor and a producer with a long illustrious career in the motion picture industry and numerous accolades such as the American Film Institute's Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Directors Guild of America's highest honor, the D.W. Griffith Award, his name would only come to be synonymous with one film, Citizen Kane, a masterpiece that many lauded as the best film ever made in the black and white era. However, at the time of its release the film was a commercial failure, championed by critics but hardly causing a stir at the box office. Orson Welles was born George Orson Welles. His father was a well-to-do inventor and his mother is a gorgeous concert pianist. As a child, he was talented in many arts, for instance magic, piano, and painting. After the death of both his parents; he became the ward of Chicago's Dr. Maurice Bernstein.He worked with John Housman and formed the Mercury Theatre in 1937. In 1938 they produced "The Mercury Theatre on the Air", famous for its broadcast version of "The War of the Worlds". A year later he was lured to Hollywood by RKO president, George Scharfer and at the age of 24, he got the most profitable motion picture contract and had full financing from RKO Pictures for the movie Citizen Kane. Welles was a revered ambitious and bold young man. He set out to show the life of William Randolph Hearst who was the publishing magnate at that time as the subject of his movieand that sparked a titanic clash between Welles, RKO Pictures and Hearst. Citizen Kane not only started Welles' directorial career, but nearly ended it.In Citizen Kane, Orson Welles painted Hearst as a young man who will tear his enemy with a fierce joy. The movie begins by showing the magnificent images of a forbidden and isolated tower, the Xanadu, and later its master, an influential man who got everything he ever wanted and then lost it. The last word of this dying master "Rosebud" was the key magnetism to the audience till the end. Curious about Kane's dying word, "rosebud,'' the newsreel editor assigns Thompson, a reporter, to find out what it meant. As the reporter searched for the meaning of 'Rosebud', audience gets a glimpse behind the glamorous facade and the tycoon's history is unraveled through a series of flashbacks by five eyewitnesses. Charles Foster Kane in his young years in the movie is an idealistic defender of the poor, decent hardworking people. Later, as time passes, his change his mind-set, he become an egomaniac person that would tolerate no one who got in his way. Kane stepped forward into politics arena and bided for the governor's office. In his campaign speech, he was too arrogant and set collide with his rival, Boss Jim Gettys. Gettys then exposed Kane's affair with Susan Alexander, on the Chronicles front pagewith a big headline: "Candidate Kane caught in love nest with "singer". Following to this failure, Kane divorced his first wife, Emily and married Susan. Later he moved in to the...

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