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Movie Review: Steel Magnolias

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Summary: This movie is mostly concentrated on the relationship between Maylin, mother, and Shelby , daughter. Shelby is diabetic and her whole life her mother basically controled everything she did.Treating her as if she were a little child still, telling her what to do, until the day Shelby gets married, and moves out. Months later she is pregnant, which the doctors said she shouldn't do, and eventually take her life. Along the way there are four other women they are friends with and get together with often. All leading different lives, when together they give each other strength.Analysis: For the most part this movie focuses on the relationship with a mother and daughter. First we see a good relationship that seems happy and healthy until after the daughter gets married. She now makes her own decisions. That just kill her mother, not to have control over her daughter. Right or wrong the mother can't control her. We this a lot in society today. Mothers over protective of their children and letting them live their own lives. Kids growing up in religious families, feeling like they need to act in certain ways and do and say the correct things according to their parents. Usually feeling like they can't just be themselves, like they need approval. Once the children feel like they can make their own decisions they go wild . Rebelling against their parents. But, in the end, after they feel they've gotten it out of their system they realize that their parents were only tring to give them a solid foundation inthem and appriciate them more. The daughter is a victim of diversity from her mother.She is a lot young and feels obligated to her mother and her mother takes advantage of it. Another issue was a friend of theirs who owned a beauty parlor. Her husband was not very involved with anything she did, never wanting to do anything , but sit at home and watch tv. Ince there was a death of a friend, he stopped and realized what was important in life. In the world today everyone is doing just that. With the terrorist attacks that took place and are still taking place. People are realizing how...

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