Film Review Of Gladiator

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Film Review of Gladiator

Gladiator was set near the end of the twentieth century when the Roman
Empire was at its peak. Maximus played a character who was the general
of a large Roman army.

'Gladiator' starts with an introduction to the film where the audience
see him brushing his hand slowly and calmly across and field of wheat.
This does give the audience a sense of what he assumes is peaceful and
tranquil. The screen does tell us a bit about Maximus and his
personality which is that he has a soft side.

The colours that are used are coinciding with the mood of Maximus. The
director uses warm colours such as a rich yellow in the wheat which
gives the feeling of ease and relaxation. This colour has other
purposes as it shows the warmth and happiness. This scene has
everything that would be desired by Maximus as he is the one thinking
of it while in the situation he is in now. Music is a feature that is
also used to add to the atmosphere of this scene and it is
synchronistic to the theme of the scene. It is calm and smooth without
any sudden changes in tone. The notes played are blended in together
to make sure that it best suited for this type of setting.

Abruptly this changes to an area where it looks cold. The trees in the
background look lifeless and this gives impression of the time of
year. But the main feature point of this is Maximuses face cold
expressionless and still. He had his eyes closed and this tells the
audience that what we had just seen was his imagination in a day dream
state. The colours that are used are dark colours such as grey and
black in the surroundings with the exception of white which is shown
by the snow. I believe that the dark colours symbolise the mood of
which it is set. It has a feeling of anxiety which is also show by the
expression of other soldiers. The cold blue colour strengthens the
feeling of the cold. It is obvious that he doesn't want to be in the
position he is now but it is more of his obligation to be there. We
learn later in the film that the reason his still fighting for the
emperor Marcus Arilius who he respects and honours.

Maximus had another normal life apart from being the General of the
Roman army. He also was a farmer who had a wife and his son of whom he
dearly missed. He was expected to go back to his humble life in three
weeks as this was indicated when he said, 'three weeks time I will be
harvesting my crops.' As a general of his rank I couldn't blame him as
the life style he currently leads wouldn't be prefer by many when
leaving your loved ones at home. Despite this he is still fighting for
his emperor Marcus Arilius who he deeply respects.

Maximus gives a feeling of great importance in what he is wearing and
the speech he gives to his soldiers before they go into battle. The
camera is on him for a...

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