Film Review Of Good Morning Vietnam, Starring Robbin Williams

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In Good Morning Vietnam, Robin Williams stars as Adrian Cronaur. Adrian is not only the main character, but he is also the person whose point of view most of the movie was filmed. The feel of the beginning of the movie is almost a clear a reflection of the way America first felt about the war, just as the end and other turning points in Adrian's time in Vietnam expresses the feelings of the American public.We feel, from beginning to end, the same way that Adrian feels, moment to moment. We start with the feelings he does that this "police action" is practically a joke. The director truly succeeds and makes us believe the views, and feel the intensity of emotion that is projected by his Adrian character. It is not until he realizes that what is going on is real and no joke, that we too feel the severity of the situation. We also learn and disapprove of the military's actions through out in the same way and time he does. We are completely sympathetic to Adrian's state of mind at all times. We see what he sees, experience what he experiences become confused, hurt and astounded just as he does. The director, in a sense, runs us through a sequence of emotions to as the story progresses and develops our sense of distrust as develops Adrian's.The movie all takes place in Vietnam, but we never see any real fighting. We don't even see very much of the army. In the beginning we listen to the American radio show that is broadcast for the men in the line of fire, and basically see the same few officers. The radio station decides that is wants to bring in a new DJ to liven the show up, make it a little more entertaining for young men that everyday put their lives in danger. The comedian, DJ, military draftee, Adrian Cronaur is the man they choose, in part because he made his talent known and part because they believe he would do what he is told. And there are no serious problems, for a while.A few people are always fighting to get him off the air because Adrian from the very first broadcast disobeys all the rules set before him. Not only does he play modern music, speak about questionable topics, but also rudely mocks government officials, including Richard Nixon. The troops love his show, but his direct superior wants him out. Adrian does, although, follow most of the rules the government held to be important. One of the rules he does follow concerns the news allowed to be broadcast. He must give all news that comes in to two men, who then mark what he can and cannot read over the air. This he does very well for the majority of the movie. Until her no longer can.After one of his broadcasts he sees a woman he decides he will become involved with. After a long chase he becomes an English teacher in order to impress and get close to her. He, at first, succeeds only in becoming good friends with her brother, Twan, who tries to persuade him from trying to see his sister. Adrian continues to teach this class up until he is shipped home. Because of this, he becomes...

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