Movie Review The Girl Next Door

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Ladies and gentleman, this is the most underrated movie of the year. More than your average teen flick, "The Girl Next Door" is a comedic drama with an adept quality to tastefully tackle sexual subjects.The film is the contemporary hybrid of the 80's high school movie mixed together with a healthy dose of "Risky Business." Director Luke Greenfield does justice to that time as he brings to the screen a story parlaying sex, humor, and innocence adapted to the modern era.The story revolves around a young man named Matthew as a teen in search of a lasting memory that makes high school worthwhile. What he finds is a blonde bombshell named Danielle who moves in next door and stimulates parts of him which previously he thought never existed.Jointly, they embark on a wild ride shattering Matthew's sheltered existence while blending together taboo and touching moments. The film stars the beautiful Elisha Cuthbert as Danielle, or "Athena" in the adult movie circle. She is a star in the adult realm, but wants to break free of that life and move on to a new beginning. Cuthbert excellently portrays the role of the sultry vixen, however brings an endearing quality with her sweetness and genuine affection for young Matthew.Speaking of him, Emile Hirsch plays the role of Matthew Kidman and is truly believable. He brings to light triumphs, insecurities, and a healthy dose of teen angst that made high school so memorable.By far, though, the biggest scene stealer in this film is Timothy Olyphant as the porn producer, Kelly. He is a devious wolf and truly embodies the...

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