Film Analysis: The Minority Report

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The Minority Report is a film that tries to stop crimes before they happen, with the enlistment of 3 teen pre-cogs. These pre-cogs predict future murders and the authorities swoop in and arrest the would-be murders, before they have the chance of committing the crime. Even thing goes great until Anderton, a cop played by Tom Cruise, is suspected. Written by Philip K. Dick and then turned to film by Steven Spielberg in 2002, the short story to film became a success. Though there are many differences between the book and the movie, one would think Steven Spielberg would not be able to grab audience’s attention, but with his skills, Spielberg went above and beyond all measures. Many times, novels to films end up being either a great hit or a “Well, why did I watch this?” Some authors choose not to turn their novels/novellas into movies because they are afraid of the outcomes that it may have. Turning a novel into a film can be quite the challenge, indeed. There’s the questions of the plot staying the same, will characters change, how can there be more action or suspense? What will be the ending? How can we grab viewers’ attention? All of those questions would intimidate anyone, even me. I chose this film because read was interesting and intriguing. Then for the novel to turn film and really draw my attention was something that I had never seen before. It was also a movie that I could look at and relate to because of the crimes that are happening today. It makes me think of our day and time having a pre-crime system, but without the glitches.
In this film of The Minority Report, there are three teenagers with the ability to for see the future of events that can and will happen, if not stopped. This is the reason that pre crime was made, so that the government would have the ability to prevent any unnecessary deaths from happening. This was a vision that was never told to be wrong, and for that every individual that came up as a suspect was bound to do exactly what the pre-cogs predicted in the exact order and time. Pre crime was made to keep out crime and those who attempted to commit it, but that all changes when John Anderton finds himself a suspect. There is much to point out within the difference of the book and the movie. They were made in two different time frames by two different people, and made with a traditional but radical transition. Like any other, the book is supposed to seem more detailed and convincing, but in this case I vote for the movie by Steven Spielberg. The film on The Minority Report comes to life in a modernized and technical way rather that the book, just old John and deformed idiots called pre-cogs. Furthermore, to read the book and see the film, much is told differently, but they work with the same plot, and that is the reason that the transition is successful.
Very different from the film, the book told it much differently as if they were speaking about aliens. “The three gibbering, fumbling creatures,...

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