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Movie Review, Up In The Air (2009)

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Up in the Air"You may not always have your job, so make sure it's not the only thing in your life"- Eric D. Snider -"Up in the Air", directed by Jason Reitman, is an uplifting dramedy (which is a mixture of drama and comedy), but it also represents a corporate satire. It actually highlights the bitter society in America, and mocks the way corporate bosses manage employees' dismissal; more accurately, it displays human fallout over job loss. This kind of movie is not common in the modern Hollywood production - the kind that does not insult our intelligence.This movie, released in 2009, is very well-timed, as in these times of economic meltdown, one of the main problems in people's lives is getting laid-off, not knowing what to do next to support their families. This story best displays the uncertainty of today and it carries a message about the value of human connections. However, some argue that it mistakes glibness for wit and charm for irreverence and that it, after a howling good start, runs out of fuel towards the end and is barely able to make it to the terminal with the message intact. Naturally, the opinions are divided.The story starts with a scene of a man getting packed in a room, which looks like a genuine hotel suite, except it is actually his apartment, but devoid of any warmth. We get acquainted with Rhyan Bingham, the main character, who is taking us on a tour through the life he is leading. Bingham is a, what they call, a "career transition" counselor, a person who crisscrosses the country firing employees when their bosses cannot or will not do the dirty work themselves. He is supposed to, let us say, persuade people to see the positive aspects of career termination. Bingham lives neither home nor away, more like in the middle of "somewhere". He spends more time in transition, at airports and hotels; than at home. Ryan likes the 322 days of the year he spends travelling, with only, what he describes as "43 miserable days at home". The dream is to collect ten million frequent flyer miles and he is rapidly getting close to it.At a first glance, we get an impression that Bingam's life is fulfilled by traveling and being the most successful person in his profession. He does not want a home, he does not want a wife. Bingham is completely satisfied with not being bound by marriage, not even relationships, while he is flying over the country, doing his job and also holding seminars about self-help lectures on how to get rid of the burden in your life. He is charming, yet manipulative, well-rehearsed and always in control, devoid of real empathy for his "victims", focused on his own success. No wonder all the workers go quiet when he steps into a company; it automatically means someone is about to get fired.Natalie Keener, an ambitious new colegue, arrives at Ryan's company, after recently graduating at a business school. Natalie has an idea that people could more easily be fired via the Internet than in person. This idea sounds...

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