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How Kayaking Can Be An Urban Sport In New York City

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How Kayaking can be an urban sport in New York City, and should not be relegated to rural parts of New York State.

What is Kayaking for some they would categorize as an excretions sport, requiring them to drive far from salvations to take part. Like the lakes in Upstate New York. This makes Kayaking not readily excisable for New York City residents, defining kayaking as a suburban or an elite’s activity. Leave those without the space or the financial means unable to take part. But this is false if you live in New York City. Why travail far from New York City to kayak when you can kayak here for free.

New York State is limited compared to the type of kayaks you can have or use compared to New York City. Your choices when kayaking in New York State there are only to type of kayaking you can you use one is call a play boat a short flat bottom kayak only good for white water kayaking a dangerous sport. These kayaks require a large amount of skill. Then you are anglers the also short kayak made to be used mostly by fisherman in New York State. This kayak are not build for long trips and are build so the kayaker must sit inside the kayak up to there waist. There is no limit of types of kayaks in New York City the the five you will see mostly are touring kayaks build for there name sake the confutable on long trip build to turn like a well design car and are fast. In the kayaking world these are your well made cars. Now if you are looking for a all around work horse of a kayak for New York City . The drifter it's a sit on top kayak with bailing hold build into the water so this boat will never sink it has the highest capacity of weight at can use this kayak for a single drifter it can hold 500 pound there are also a double model that hold up the 650 pound. New York City even has it own kayaking sport team for kayak polo, an Olympic class sport that can be done in a place all New York kayak Polo on pier 66.

upstate are either expensive three hour tours or puttering around on a lake. Even if you decided to own you own kayak you have the choice of fishing kayak thay some place require the kayak to be register each...

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