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Final Argument Essay

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Final Argument
1. The title of this book is Final Argument, which reflects on the story its self. The book is about a lawyer named Ted Jaffe that is living a life of success, but due to recent events he is pulled back to a case that occurred twelve years ago. If he doesn’t act fast, a potentially innocent man (Darryl Morgan) is going to be executed. Ted must make a Final Argument on the bases that Darryl is innocent and didn’t receive a fair trial due to bribery and corruption.

2. Most of the book takes place in Jacksonville, a small town in Florida where the original trial of Darryl Morgan took place. The setting details a calm, sunny, and relaxing Florida but as the story ...view middle of the document...

She is described as a very beautiful and intelligent women that loves attention. But she isn’t perfect, she has dark secrets and questionable intentions. Prior to the murder of her beloved husband she had an active affair with Ted and had developed deep feelings for him which goes both way as described in this quote “…at that moment a tall, tawny-haired women emerged from Dillard’s, moving from cool shade into the glare of sun. She wore a tailored gray suit. She was not young. That woman, I thought, can’t be as beautiful and as elegant as I believe she is.” (7)
Lastly Darryl Morgan, the African American man who was convicted of breaking into the estate and murdering Solomon Zide. Darryl comes from a poor family, without the best parental guidance he has turned to a life of crime. “Since his fourteenth birthday Darryl Morgan hadn’t known two straight years of freedom.” (40). He was built to survive the streets, even at age 20 he was 6 and a half feet tall and weighed in at 250 pounds of muscle. He admitted trying to rob the mansion with his friend but greatly denies he shot anyone.
4. Unlike in most book, Ted experiences his Epiphany in the beginning of the book since most of the book is telling a story that occurred twelve years before. Ted finds out that Elroy Lee one of the main witnesses had lied during their testimony and stated that Darryl had confessed the murder to his. “I was finding out that this redneck worm who had been my witness in a capital murder case – my last murder case before I went into private practice and moved down here to the good life on the Gulf of Mexico – had perjured himself at a police officer’s request. He had lied first to me, and then to the judge, and finally to the jury. He’d lied about a man who was facing the death penalty. ” (20). Ted then realizes that Darryl may be innocent since the strongest points of the case were the confessions Darryl had apparently given. Although Ted was the prosecutor he believe it is his civil duty to uncover the truth behind this twelve year old case.
A.) Ted is informed by Elroy that he had been forced to testify against Darryl Morgan by a police officer named Floyd Nickerson.
B.) Solomon Zide is shot twice in the chest, after a party at his Estate. He is pronounced dead at the scene.
C.) Ted Saves Connie Zide from a mugger in front of Dillard, A shopping mall. This leads to an affair between them two.
D.) Elroy Lee is murdered by a Miami drug lord while at a dog track, Thus Ted loses his main witness and has no evidence to present at the retrial.
E.) Connie confesses that she had an argument with her husband after the party and her son Neil shot Solomon to protect Connie. Proving Darryl was innocent.
6. “…hit that fellow broadside, on the run, with a bent shoulder…He wound up on his knees, visibly amazed, huffing. I had twisted his right arm high up behind his back.”(53). this quote describes how Ted saved Connie from a mugger, this moment was the key to the rest of...

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