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Final Argumentative Essay

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Evaluation of Argumentative Writing
As I worked with younger children for several years, I try whenever possible, to be an advocate on their part to help them get the most enriching educational experience they can to better prepare them to enter the school system. Over the past years of working at the child development center on Katterbach Kaserne in Germany, I quickly worked my way from a program assistant, who perform entry level tasks such as changing diapers and cleaning, to a lead with my own classroom, the lead oversees all aspects of the class room from the children’s curriculum to room layouts and the training of other teachers in the room. I feel I was able to rise to this position ...view middle of the document...

The director worked hard to get a new, functioning facility that embodies everything our young children need so I wanted to start my essay by acknowledging that, however while the external structure needed a makeover, our internal structure needed one as well. As teachers we are taught to “sandwich” information, meaning start off positive, address the problem, and then end positive so I thought this would be a great way of structuring my paper, as well as setting a tone that the director would understand.
The easier part of my writing was proving that this system should be implemented. The issues at hand had been visited at every staff meeting without an effective solution. My goal was to appeal to everyone’s main objective which is, what would be best for the children we care for at the center. Ultimately, at the end of their time in our care we want children to be ready to enter Kindergarten. To help show some of the criteria that needs to be met I referenced a peer reviewed journal from the PPCC database. The criteria was actually from a Kindergarten program in Jordan but it was nearly identical to the criteria we follow, which was why I chose it. I kept this as my only source as to not crowd my essay with too much information. I did not want my audience to feel they were just reading an enormous list of facts, but to feel they were reading my educated opinions on a subject that I am passionate about. I also felt I was knowledgeable enough to provide enough accurate information from my own experiences without including so much “fluff”. At the end of reading my essay I wanted my audience to have the confidence that I have done the research and this is an attainable goal that will benefit not only our center, but our community as a whole.
I started out with claims of fact in my essay, addressing the problem that exists with having the children in the current age groups that are implemented. I focused on the safety issues of the older and younger children being together, specifically mixing the one year olds with the children over two since their physical development is so diverse. I then also addressed the next critical issue which was the educational gap between the children. To a certain extent the younger children can learn valuable lessons from the older children in the class room, but each group also needs to be nurtured individually so that their skills can be developed. The same applies to every age group. This in particular is a claim I wish I would have elaborated on further and in...

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