Final Art Review

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Assignment F - Final Art Review
Marina Abramović

Born in November 30th, 1946, the 67-year-old artist, Marina Abramović, has done numerous jaw-dropping performances throughout her entire existence. Also known as the “grandmother of performance art”, her work explores the relationship between performer and audience, the limits of the body, and the possibilities of the mind (Wikipedia, 2014)
In her first few performances, it was clearly shown how Marina challenge her own body to its maximum limit by jabbing the knife relentlessly between the spaces of her finger and threw herself directly into a star-shaped blazing fire. However, the most notorious and best-known piece this Serbian-born ...view middle of the document...

She used art, performance art to be specific, as her medium to transform herself, to regain energy from the audience, as well as giving away the energy of her own to them. “A powerful performance will transfer everyone in the room.” (Abramović, 2010)
With her saying so, Marina later came up with yet another mesmerizing performance in Museum of Modern Arts (MoMA) on March 2010 to May 2010 called “The Artist is Present”; a 736-hour and 30-minutes of a static, complete silence, in which she sat immobile at the center of the museum while the spectators take turns sitting opposite to her. “The preposition of here is to empty yourself. Able to be in the present time. Put your mind here and now,” said Marina in her HBO documentary, The Artist is Present.
The performance itself is so simple. There isn’t anything there, only the artist is present and looks you in the eyes, yet it brings such a powerful impact towards people. “People don’t understand that the hardest thing is to do something out of nothing. There is no story to tell, no object to hide. It’s just you, and your pure present and nothing else,” said her again later in her documentary. (The Artist is Present, 2012)
When you watch Marina’s performance, you’re engaging with her physical presence, which is very striking; the clear evidence she has a lot of physical stamina and strength which the public and its presence gives her.
This latest piece of her, compared to her previous piece Rhythm 0 back in 1974, was more engaging and brought an impeccable and tangible effect to the spectators. Her main focus of doing these performances remain the same, in which she wanted to test and challenged the relationship between the audience and the artist through her performance. In the “Artist is Present”, however, Marina wanted to emphasize the actual relation between artist and the audience, she wanted to give her pure mind and soul in which people could relate to. “I’m just a mirror for their own self,” said her after she finished her performance, “everybody feel, emotional moment arrive for everybody. That’s why they cried, because they finally see their own reflection in me.” (The Artist is Present, 2012)
On the contrary, in Rhythm 0, Marina wanted to test...

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