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Final Assignment: Broadcasting And Gaming

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Today at CJN network we have a crisis in what to publish first on our broadcast. As news director, I want to touch on the subject of the local park closing 3 days a week to save currency when the first segment opens. We also have to focus on the gloomy subject of losing a major superstar today.
Our role of being a multimillion dollar media outlet is to give the people what they want. I understand that local news is important, but our ratings could increase substantial if we cover the entire tragedy on death. Although, I do believe that the local park closing for 3 days will affect mostly women and children, I do not see a need to continue hours of coverage over this. We will state a link to our website for more detailed information on the park closings with dates and times for our views to relate to. This link will be discussed and shown when the story goes live on television.
It is our role as well-known news cast to deliver correct information to our viewers. We have many reporters on the story 24 hours to keep us up-to-date, and provide facts to the viewers. If a there is a major break in the story we do have and will enforce our right to break into other programs for updates. Again, we must stick to the facts. This will allow the viewers to understand what is taking place at all times.
All information from both stories will be on our website. It is very important that we keep all links modern. If anyone finds any errors on the site or incorrect, misleading information, please contact me immediately, because with the website we are able to fix any mistakes straightaway and not have any misleading biased information on there. By posting both stories online we are also able to report any changes and have up-to-date stories. On the other hand we want to be careful of what we post so that negative facts do not make citizens think that the world is falling apart, or that we are just delivering negative material.
All wording should be carefully considered on both stories. We do not want any misleading facts or material that could lead to violence. If our wording is not properly stated the public will not join our network, and we will receive negative feedback. This could lead to destruction of the stories and things will start to look bad on the network.
Both stories will be posted to our Facebook and Twitter accounts as well. These will come after the breaking stories on the air waves. This will allow the viewers to interact with us and give me a good idea of what they are looking for. We should be responsible during these stories, therefore if any biased incorrect information is posted it will be taken off as soon as it is detected. We will deliver as much accuracy as possible and state where all of our interviews and information was retrieved from. This will help the public know that we are not just stating our opinions and that these are actual events. Our main goal is to stay within our limits.
If we post any personal information...

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