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Final Chapter Essay

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The Final Chapter Essay
The last 2 decades have been monumental to our history. America began a war in the Middle East, technology has been exponentially expanding, and music has been evolving rapidly. Every end has a new beginning and this was epitomized by the fact that every decade in the 1900’s was considered an era with some type of huge contribution to mankind that is worth remembering. Once the 80’s came to an end the dust began to settle and people seemed to be leaning towards a more modern and less radical life style. Hope for this new life emerged in 1992 when Bill Clinton became our president. Clinton made promises of a new America, a place of opportunity, and unlimited growth. ...view middle of the document...

Sales began to drop and singles were then on the rise and contributing to the diminishing interest of writing a full album from front to back. People’s focus was no longer on the CD to see a full range of an artist talent; they “wanted that one song from that one person they love”. Coincidently artists began to stray from the creation of an album to focus on singles, which tarnished the art of creating music albums. Though the record companies were suffering, independent music artists thrived. No longer did they need a record label to sign them or to promote them because they now had that power in their own hands. They were able to distribute their music independently without the help of a middleman and their ability to distribute to a vast audience increased greatly. This increase of music distribution multiplied in the year 2001 when Apple Corporation introduced the invention of the first ever iPod. People were now able to download music and carry it with them with a high quality mp3 player and they downloaded their music from the Internet. Websites such as Youtube, Myspace, and more became prime legal sources of searching and finding new music. Music suddenly had no limits, as it was more accessible to people than ever. The radio was no longer enough. People wanted their personal favorite artists and songs at hand. Justin Bieber, Soulja Boy, and Adele were all discovered through videos and recordings they published online.
Getting closer to 2010 music is...

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